Zipp: any damage from Wahoo Kickr Rollr still not covered by warranty – plus more tech news from Strava, Zwift, Hammerhead, Selle San Marco, Syncros, and more

Zipp: Any Wahoo Kickr Roller Damage Still Not Covered under Warranty—plus more tech news from Strava, Zwift, Hammerhead, Selle San Marco, Syncros, and more

This week’s roundup of the best bike techs included big names like Zwift, Hammerhead, Syncros, and Selle San Marco, along with a bike frame made from 147 nuts, but first, Zipp confirmed that the Wahoo Kickr Rollr is not compatible with its wheels…

Zipp reiterates the position of the Wahoo Kickr Rollr: any damage to the wheel is not covered by the warranty

After Wahoo released independent test results earlier this week indicating that the Kickr Rollr causes no structural or cosmetic effect to the bike’s frame, wheels, or tires, Zipp has reaffirmed that any damage to its wheels results from use with this type of trainer. It will not be covered by the warranty.

The Wahoo Kickr Rollr looks like a traditional set of rollers but with a frame in the front to hold the front wheel of your bike and provide extra stability. Read our Wahoo Kickr Rollr review here.

Wahoo Kicker Roller Zip Wheel - 1 (2)

The Kickr Rollr is designed to take on a wide variety of tires and tire sizes via its adjustable, quick-release wheelbase clamp.

Earlier in the year, Zipp said, “Using trainers that attach to the front rim or frame of a bike while the rear of the bike remains unsecured can cause significant flex outside of its normal intended use.”

2022 Wahoo Kicker Roller front wheel.  jpg

The Wahoo Kickr Rollr is named after it “Currently not compatible with Zipp wheels”. To our knowledge, no other brand has specifically stated that their wheels should not be used with this trainer.

Warranty: Sometimes things break – why you should check your bike’s warranty, what’s covered, what’s not covered + tips for making a claim

We reported on Monday that Wahoo has recruited an independent test lab ACT Lab To put the Kickr Roller through “vigorous stress tests to simulate the highest degree of reasonable use”.

2022 Wahoo Kickr Test - 1

“Testing concluded that there was no structural or cosmetic effect on the frame, wheels or tires as a result of using the Kickr Roller even under these extreme test conditions,” Wahoo said.

However, Zipp’s Marie Didier told us, “While this is a positive test, Zipp remains committed to the following position: Zipp wheels are not intended to be used with trainers that attach to the front rim or frame of a bike while the rear of the bike is still unsafe.” Any damage resulting from such use is covered under Zipp’s warranty policy.”

Zipp’s website still says, “[Our] Casters are not designed to withstand repeated high loads applied to the rim side and concentrated in the same area over long periods. While driving on the road, wheel loads are applied in a different way and are distributed around the wheel due to rotation.

If you use your Zipp wheels [an indoor trainer that attaches to the front wheel or tyre while the rear wheel is unsecured]discontinue use and have the front wheel checked by a local dealer. “

There you go, then: Wahoo says the Kickr Rollr won’t cause harm, while Zipp still says that if you go ahead and use it and there are any issues, you’re on your own.

That bike is just crazy

The question you’ve always asked yourself has finally been answered: Is it possible to build an efficient bicycle frame made almost entirely of nuts? This is clearly the nuts of the nuts and bolts assortment, rather than the nut combo. In any case, the answer is yes, as this novel proves…

Why will? That’s a completely different question, but the video has racked up over a million views on YouTube in less than a week.

Compete with your friends on Strava with the Hammerhead Collection Challenge

Hammerhead encourages people to get out and ride by creating their very own Solstice Strava Collection Challenge with a chance to win a limited edition “Solstice” pack.

2022, Hammerhead, Solstice Strava Group Challenge, Giveaway

To be in with a chance of winning this £359 bundle you need to join the Strava #HammerheadSOLSTICE group and complete your Strava group challenge before December 21st. The complete package includes a file Hammer Caro 2 and a limited edition ‘Solstice’ shell plus a 60-day Strava Premium and Komoot Premium subscription.

> Coffee and ride with Komote

2022, Hammerhead, Strava Group Challenge, Karoo 2

Hammerhead will also be hosting group solstice rides in the coming weeks in partnership with Zwift.

> How to start Zwift

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Train with the pros at Zwift Pro Training Camp

Zwift has revealed plans for a virtual training camp for four of the top men’s and women’s World Tour teams, with on-demand workouts available from the end of November through the new year.

2022, Zwift, Zwift Pro Training Camp, Schedule

Train like a pro with Ineos-Grenadiers, Jumbo-Visma, Movistar and Team BikeExchange-Jayco using workouts inspired by racers like Wout Van Aert and Annemiek van Vleuten. The camp will run from November 21 through January 15 with Zwift saying you’ll feel “stronger and fitter than ever.”

> How to start Zwift

2022, Zwift, Zwift Pro Training Camp, Jumbo-Visma

Workouts are available on demand, as pro riders from all of these World Tour teams also join and lead the Tours during camp, so hopefully you’ll have them on hand for free.

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Selle San Marco offers saddles in iridescent gold

Selle San Marco now offers two Shortfit 2.0 Racing and Aspide Short Racing saddles in a new iridescent gold color.

2023 San Marco Iridescent - 1 (2)

Both saddles are priced at £146.70 and available in narrow and wide sizes. Designed specifically for road and gravel cycling, the Shortfit 2.0 Racing Iridescent Gold is distinguished by its short length and enlarged, open center shaft. The Aspide Short Racing Iridescent Gold is particularly suited for on-road use.

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2022, Selle San Marco, Iridescent Brisa Corsa gold, bar tape

Selle San Marco has ensured that the saddle and tape match by completing the set with Presa Corsa Iridescent Gold Bar Tape priced at £54.95.

Check out the best bar tape of 2022 here

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syncros announce new Cycling bags

Syncros 2023 Bicycle Packing Bags - 2 (1)

If you’re looking for an adventure, Syncros has expanded its range to include new bags for bikes: saddle, handlebar, top tube, and frame bags. They are said to be waterproof and easily modified when it comes to mounting them on your bike.

Syncros 2023 Bicycle Packing Bags - 3 (1)

The saddlebags and handlebars have dry bags while the attachment points can be left on the bike for easy on and off.

Syncros 2023 Bicycle Packing Bags - 4 (1)

The top tube bag easily attaches to the bike with its direct mount system, and the frame bag offers two separate zipped compartments.

Syncros 2023 Bicycle Packing Bags - 1 (1)

We don’t have prices for you yet.

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BBB Cycling has partnered with Taylor Phinney and Jack UltraCyclist on a limited edition helmet

BBB Cycling has partnered with former pro racer Taylor Phinney and UltraCyclist Jack (Jack Thompson) to create the third limited edition helmet with all proceeds donated to young mountain bikers in pursuit of a cycling career.

2022, BBB Cycling, Taylor Phinney and Jack UltraCyclist Limited Edition, helmet

Only 250 of these helmets were made in a new design for the current Maestro MIPS. The BBB says the helmet “protects the head while also symbolizing the need to protect the human mind.” Jack says how this helmet embodies both beauty and chaos.

> Find out everything you need to know about MIPS here

This limited edition helmet will be available online from November 22nd at a cost of €149.95 (about £130).

Check out this short video of Jack and Taylor talking about the design process and one of the riders helping Taylor enter a career in cycling:

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La Machine presents a new casual wear collection

Clothes 2022 La Machine - 3 (3)

Dutch casual cycling fashion brand, La Machine, has introduced a new collection that includes Bib number jacket as a back pocket (£81)

Clothes 2022 La Machine - 1 (3)

…and long sleeves Henley button-up T-shirt in the shape of Paris Roubaix (£63).

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Cotic creates a one-off “Life Bike” with David Millar

British bike brand Cotic has teamed up with former pro David Millar and graphic designer Conor Brady to create a one-off bike to celebrate Never stray from the remote podcast Support for its first event this weekend National Cyclocross Cup.

2022 Cotec, the Escape gravel bike, never goes away

Assembled in the UK, this is what Cotic calls the bike of life, based on their current and already limited edition Reynolds 853 tubed Escapade. Cotis says it’s a “versatile road bike with no strings attached,” with clearance to fit large road or cyclo-cross tires up to 700 x 44mm or 650b x 50mm.

> Bike ride at bedtime: Cotic Escapade

2022 Cotec, Escape, Don't Tighten Maximum Gravel Bike Forks

This bike has all the accoutrements for a two-bar, rear rack, fork-mounted luggage and full mudguards making it ready for longer on- or off-road adventures.

> Check out the best gravel bikes under £2000 and 2022

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CAF unveils a new 3D-printed helmet, this time in white

Kav in California launches a new 3D-printed Portola Kaz helmet that follows The original Portola we showed you at the Sea Otter Classic earlier in the yearThis time it is available in black and white.

2022 CAF CAS helmet - 2

Kav says Kaze offers the same custom fit as the Portola but has “developed a next-generation material to enable an alternative to black carbon fiber and improve the mechanical properties of the EPS foam helmet.”

Kave says, “After thorough research, [we] Sourcing one of the key polymers from Japan and mixing it with a proprietary blend of additives to enhance durability, printability and environmental stability, resulting in Kav PolyCarbon. The result is a material that absorbs 35% more impact energy and is available in black and polar white. “

Kav Kaze 2022 Helmet - 1

The Kaze also features enlarged front vents for increased airflow and a new padding and perspiration management system that is said to improve cooling and prevent drips in your eyes.

Kaze is priced at $320 (about £270) and comes with a 30-day risk-free trial, a 5-year warranty, and a crash replacement policy. The problem for us in Europe is that Kav helmets have so far only been offered to US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) safety standards – there is still no CE marking required for sale here. We will update you if/when that changes.

Find out more here

In case you missed it earlier in the week…

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