Yeti Williams: At what age should your child get a smartphone?

Yeti Williams: At what age should your child get a smartphone?

As the world is evolving and getting faster, the best way is to evolve with it. Technology is taking over everything, and while it exposes young people to certain vices, it often makes learning easier. A quick and simple search on a topic will reveal thousands of responses. YouTube is on YouTube, people learn things other people go to colleges and universities to learn. There is simply nothing that cannot be found on the Internet. Once you can have a laptop, phone, and internet connection, you can access everything.

Since many children are learning online, some parents find it right to give their children smartphones to help them learn. In the same vein, they fear that these children will be exposed to some vices because they cannot fully control what they consume from the Internet. So this raises a question: At what age should children be allowed access to or possession of smartphones?

The simple answer to this question is that there is no perfect age. As a parent, you may want to ask yourself some questions. The first is why. Why give your child a smartphone? Why do you feel the need to give your child a smartphone? Is this because you want your child to be able to call you when they get back from school? Do they communicate with their friends? Or is it simply because everyone seems to be giving their kids one? The reason and the reason for owning a smartphone is just as important as considering the right time and age. A 10-year-old might be able to handle a phone well while a 17-year-old might not.

Is your child mature enough to handle the power that comes from having a smartphone connected to the whole world? You don’t need to answer this question. You should ask your child when he asks for a smartphone what exactly he needs.

Kids are wise and can be cliched by giving you a positive response while also having a negative intent. But you know your child. You must study him or her. Instinctively, after asking your child, do you think he or she is ready to use a smartphone? Having a smartphone is access to some kind of online power, unlimited information, and different types of people.

For what it’s worth, it’s advised to completely reduce dependence on screens at an early age. Children can start asking for smartphones from the age of eight. Ask them what they want a phone for. In my case, when our daughter started asking for a phone around this age. I asked why she wanted the phone, she said to call and text us. At first, we got it as a phone without smart features.

When I ordered a real phone, I continued to investigate why? She said that because she wanted to listen to music. So for her 10th birthday, we created a sensation and bought her an iPod as an answer to the need for music. Over the years, we’ve managed access to screen time and regular conversations while facilitating it in the online world. But the truth is, the appeal of social media is strong and once it’s there, it’s hard to stop.

You know your child well and need to protect your child and prepare them to be able to use their smartphone responsibly.

So what is the appropriate age? Instead of focusing on the appropriate age at which a child should be using a smartphone, I advise parents to think about what is required to be responsible. digital citizen While that.

At the very least, wait until you think they’re ready. If you are going to do it earlier, make sure you have all levels of preparation and other precautions in place. At this age, children have a huge responsibility to own a smartphone and families need to see it as such.


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