WiZ Smart Home Lights

WiZ smart lights can detect motion without additional hardware

What you need to know

  • WiZ introduces a new Wi-Fi sensing technology dubbed SpaceSense.
  • It detects motion based on Wi-Fi radio waves and automatically turns on the WiZ smart lights.
  • SpaceSense was announced along with improvements to the WiZ app.
  • There are new announcements for WiZ devices, including the first outdoor unit.

WiZ has announce It is expanding its product range with new smart lights and a major update to its original WiZ V2 app. It’s introducing new SpaceSense technology, which is said to be motion detection technology that uses Wi-Fi signals instead of sensors or batteries to automate lights across the company’s suite of products.

Powered by Signify, the new app has been redesigned from scratch for the first time since its launch in 2016. With the new design comes SpaceSense, a type of Wi-Fi sensing technology that allows devices to detect motion.

It does this by measuring disturbances in Wi-Fi radio waves. Since Wi-Fi normally travels as these radio waves between devices, when a person moves between these waves, they create a multiplier effect, causing a disturbance that SpaceSense detects to automatically turn on the lights. The lights will then be turned off if no movement is detected.

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It promises to work effectively and doesn’t require the lights to rely on new hardware sensors or even batteries, for that matter.

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