Wireless Android Auto with Quick Switch

Wireless Android Auto with Quick Switch

Wireless Android Auto was once a feature that required the purchase of a high-end vehicle or aftermarket head unit, but it’s become more accessible in the past couple of years, thanks to adapters. AAW wireless started rolling the ball, and the Motorola MA1 pushed the idea into the mainstream. Carsifi has also been around for a while and shares a lot in common with other Android Auto converters but with one neat trick beside it.

Carsifi shares a great deal with AAW wireless, the original Android Auto wireless adapter. It features a subtle black plastic design that plugs into a USB-C cable of your choice. It is paired via Bluetooth and then connected via Wi-Fi Direct. Honestly, it gets the job done extremely well!

I’ve been using Carsifi in my 2019 Subaru Crosstrek for the past several months alternating with AAW wireless and Motorola MA1, and they all perform about the same in everyday use.

Carsifi connects to my various smartphones – mainly the Pixel 6 Pro, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 for the past few months – in a few seconds and generally runs Android Auto within 30-50 seconds. I have little or no problem with delay or pairing issues on the whole. On a couple of occasions I’ve noticed that Carsifi refused to acknowledge my phone, which required re-pairing to fix the problem, but this usually happens after I’ve moved to a new device. I’ve had similar issues with AAW wireless in the past.

Carsifi has a USB-C port instead of a fixed cable

The special “trick” of Carsifi is that it has a “magic button” that can control the phone that runs Android Auto in your car. A double tap of the button switches between the last two smartphones paired with Carsifi. From my experience over the past several months, I’ve found this to work fairly well. There is a delay of several seconds between pressing the button and actually changing the connection, at least in my car, and it works relatively reliably.

But really, I find it hard to tell how useful that is. The obvious use case is if you’re sharing a car with someone else, but most of the time, pairing isn’t complete until I leave my house anyway, so the adapter generally connects to the phone in my pocket without any problem. And if the intention is to be able to switch between phones while you’re in the car, that’s less practical. The whole point of Android Auto is to give the driver better control of their phone without taking their eyes off the road. Giving the passenger map and music control is unnecessary, especially considering that this won’t work like “passing an AUX cable” in the middle of the drive – Android Auto won’t let you set up the system if the car is moving.

Another major use case for the “magic button” is Android Auto’s “Pause”. Honestly, I haven’t found any practical use for this at all.

The options for this button and dongle can generally be handled through the Carsifi app. The app is very basic and works, but it’s something you’ll almost never interact with other than troubleshooting. There is no need for preparation by any means. ButJust having this app solves my biggest complaint with the Motorola MA1. Unlike this adapter, Carsifi is fully capable of getting firmware updates, and I’ve had two of them in the time I’ve been using it.

At the end of the day, the Carsifi gets the job done fairly well, and it’s not more expensive than the other options.

But realistically, I think most buyers are better off with the other options. AAW wireless can be easily Purchased from Amazonstored in Motorola MA1 It’s getting easier and easier, and they both have better records of support. You don’t have to search for long to find messy experiences Powered by Carsevi.

The quick toggle button is the only thing that really sets Carsifi apart, and it really isn’t who – which useful. Carsifi Available for $89at a semi-permanent discount from $99, Direct from the brand’s website.

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