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Windows 11 2022 update is out

Microsoft announced a moment ago that the first feature update for Windows 11, Windows 11 2022 Update, is rolling out to users around the world.

Panos Panay, Executive Vice President, Chief Product Officer, Windows + Devices, highlights some of the new features of the feature update on the official blog. It’s hard to read a blog post full of buzzwords, but here’s a quick summary in case you’re wondering what’s new and improved in the Windows 11 2022 Update.

Improvements to the Windows 11 Start Menu, “faster and more accurate search”, quick settings improvements, and improved widgets specifically were mentioned. The tabs are moving to File Explorer, but the rollout begins in October with the first Moments update for the operating system.

Additionally, there’s system-wide support for live annotations (US-English only), voice-access preview (also US-English only), and narrator natural voices (you guessed it, also US-English only).

Smart App Control has been mentioned by Panay, but it’s a feature that most Windows 11 users won’t be able to experience because it’s limited to off-the-shelf devices and Windows 11 hardware that resets.

Microsoft 365 customers will get access to select theft monitoring, if they live in the US, and all subscribers will get access to Microsoft Defender for Individuals, which “extends built-in Windows security and extends device protection to Android phones, iOS., and Mac”.

Additional features include Snap Layouts feature improvements, focus improvements, performance and battery improvements.

Other features that Microsoft highlights are Windows Studio Effects, designed to “improve video and audio calls,” new “creation tools” and “additional game features and updates to the Microsoft Store experience.” Windows Studio Effects is designed to improve audio and visual quality during conference calls.

The new Windows Studio camera and sound effects help you look and sound your best in conference calls, enabled by advanced AI — with audio focus to filter background noise and make sure you’re heard, background blur so that only you can see, and eye contact to help you make better communication With the people you talk to and auto framing so the camera stays with you while you’re on the go.

It mentions Microsoft Clipchamp, the video editor specifically as one of the new creator tools. Gamers may take advantage of the new variable refresh rate feature, which is now system-wide, and improved windowed games.

Panay confirms Microsoft’s plan to introduce features frequently using the built-in update capabilities. The first feature drop is scheduled for October, and this will bring tabs to File Explorer and the following confirmed features:

  • An updated photo app that “brings a great gallery, simplifies browsing, finding, managing and consuming your photo collection”. It will also support backups to OneDrive according to Microsoft.
  • Suggested actions when copying to make calls or add events to calendars.
  • Override the taskbar to display all application icons that have no place on the taskbar.
  • Share on more devices.


Windows 11 feature first update brings comprehensive improvements; Most users will like the majority of these improvements. While these won’t convince pre-Windows 11 users to upgrade in huge numbers, they don’t make things worse either.

Now you: What do you think of the Windows 11 2022 update?


Windows 11 2022 update is out

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Windows 11 2022 update is out

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Microsoft announced a moment ago that the first feature update for Windows 11, Windows 11 2022 Update, is rolling out to users around the world.


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