WIN Venture Summit I - Little America Hotel - TechBuzz News

WIN Venture Summit I – Little America Hotel – TechBuzz News

On October 5, 2022, nearly 500 entrepreneurs and investors in Utah gathered on the grand ballroom of the Little America Hotel for the WIN Venture Summit. The WIN Venture Summit is a one-day conference covering useful and inspirational topics designed to help the next generation of Utah entrepreneurs as they are the next crop of successful startups in Utah. Topics include raising capital, business development and expansion, mentoring, innovation and disruption, policy and government relations, and issues related to social responsibility.

Whitney Johnson, bestselling author Smart Growth: How to Grow Your People to Grow Your CompanyBest Voice of the Year 2020 LinkedIn With 1.8 million followers, BYU alum brought to light the event with a dynamic show tailored just for the event.

The WIN Venture Summit is an event hosted by the Wasatch Innovation Network, founded in July 2021 to mentor and provide resources to Utah startup leaders.

In the spring of 2022, the Wasatch Innovation Network launched the Wasatch Network of Top 100 Entrepreneurs (WIN100). It is an initiative that identifies and nurtures relationships between Utah’s rising founders, CEOs, chief technology officers, and investment talent in Utah.

WIN100 is an organization nominated and selected by the community for the Top 100 Technology Entrepreneurs in the nation’s ecosystem.

The idea for WIN100 was driven by the concept that the public would be able to successfully identify entrepreneurs “likely to create a high-growth business” in Utah.

The WIN Venture Summit brings together candidates and selected from the public (by popular vote of candidates) 107 WIN100 Entrepreneurs. In addition, hundreds of WIN100 Candidates nominated by their peers, but not selected this year to be on the WIN100 roster, attend the summit. Nearly 500 people attend the event, many as part of the VC team, and the after-party, which includes live flamenco. guitara plate of charcuterie, and a stack of fresh, individually packed bread Crumble biscuit.

Says Paul Ahlstrom, co-founder of TechBuzz News and Chairman, Wasatch Innovation Network, “These founders of WIN100 are part of the state’s startup and investment environment that will shape the country for decades. It is important to connect these founders on a regular basis with individuals and businesses in the Utah investment community so that they can build strong relationships, collaborate, and build successful businesses.”

The founding sponsors of the WIN Venture 2022 Summit are Salt Lake Chamber, IsoTalent and TechBuzz News.

Presented sponsors include Kickstart, Frazier Group, and the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunities.

The project sponsors are Atomic, Pando Ventures, Sweater and Sorenson Ventures.

The startup’s sponsors are Diversified Insurance Group, Epic Ventures, EY, Hillcrest Bank, Mayer Brown and Peterson Ventures.

Entrepreneurial sponsors are Album VC, Assure, KHN Enterprises, Spacestation Investments, and SpringTide.

More information can be found about the summit over here.

Summit agenda:

Wednesday, October 5, 2022, Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah

‍ 8 am – continental breakfast

8:30 am – Hello: Paul Ahlstrom and Elizabeth Niebecker

8:45 am – Policy making and the legislative process: How do you move from outsider to insider?

Curator: Steve Starks, Larry H. Miller Company

  • Ginger Shane, Salt Lake Room
  • Dan Hemmert, Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity
  • Senator Ann Milner, Fifth District – Davis, Morgan, Webber
  • Caitlin Roberts, Vital Cell
  • Representative Robert Spindlove, District 42 – Sandy

9:30 am – BE SMART ABOUT GROWTH – Develop your employees to grow your company
Keynote Speaker Whitney Johnson

Submitted by Robin Ritch, CEO and Publisher of Deseret News

10:45 AM – How to meet the growing importance of social responsibility in business

Moderator: Glenn Milla, Accend

  • Jenny Ahlstrom, founder of HealthTree
  • Sid Krummenhoek, VC . album
  • Nate Rundle, Gap Wireless
  • Davis Smith, Cotopaxi

11:45 am – lunch

12:30 – 1:00 pm – Utah culture of doing good

Curator: Derek Miller, Salt Lake Room

  • Lisa Eccles, George S. Foundation. Dolores Dory Eccles
  • Jill Miller, Larry H. Miller Company

1:15 pm – Chips All-in: Starting or Scaling a Startup During a Downturn: A Conversation Between Funders and Founders

Curator: Jesse Randall, jacket

  • Gavin Christensen, Kickstart
  • Dave Gru, Lucid Software

2:15 pm – Know your value: Challenges and pitfalls in raising capital

Moderator: Kat Kennedy, Kickstart

  • Mark Bonham, Mayer Brown
  • Morgan Davis, MarketDial
  • David Fraser, Fraser Group

3:00-5:00 pm – Network Reception, sponsored by TechBuzz and enhanced by Charcuterie, Crumbl cookies, and Flamenco/Spanish/Contemporary guitar, featuring a Salt Lake City artist, Antonio Garcia.

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