Why You Shouldn't Buy an iPhone SE - Geek Review

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone SE – Geek Review

Apple’s budget phone isn’t worth it.

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Money is tight now. If you’re getting hurt by a new iPhone, there’s a good chance the budget iPhone SE will be on your radar. But unless you get a ridiculously good deal, the iPhone SE just isn’t worth buying anymore.


Keep in mind that a file Fourth generation iPhone SE (2023) can solve some of the complaints mentioned in this article – assuming we get a new iPhone SE in 2023, of course. / note]

iPhone SE used to be a great idea

The original iPhone SE was launched in 2016, to bridge the two-year gap between the releases of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. This concept made a lot of sense; The 2016 iPhone SE had the same internal hardware as the iPhone 6S, but it used the old and inexpensive iPhone 5S design.

Apple revived this show in 2020 — the The second generation of iPhone SE match the strength iPhone 11But it was only $400. Sure, this device repurposed the iPhone 8 design, but it was much cheaper than the iPhone X or iPhone 11. At the time, it was offering you can say Best quality camera of any smartphone under $500.

Yes, critics have complained about the design of the second generation iPhone SE. The small screen, limited camera selection, and giant Home button are outdated. But these design cues were only Two years has expired. People were still buying iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and older devices in 2020. For Apple fans on a budget, the iPhone SE design wasn’t much of an issue.

But things have changed. The iPhone SE 2022 was launched with great fanfare and its performance was mediocre In our review. We are not surprised. A reworked version of the iPhone 8 makes no sense in 2022.

It’s not a cool phone anymore

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The iPhone SE was delayed due to its design. And I don’t call the phone ugly – in fact, I think it looks better than any modern iPhone. But the 4.7-inch screen isn’t designed for today’s applications, and the tiny camera sensors aren’t cutting it in 2022.

Even if you want a small phone, the iPhone SE’s 4.7-inch screen is hard to use. Modern apps, like Instagram, need to cut out a lot of content to fit the iPhone SE screen (and good luck browsing recent websites on such a small screen). In addition, the most demanding mobile games are intended for a rather large screen, so it is difficult to take advantage of the powerful A15 Bionic chipset of the iPhone SE.

To be perfectly clear, I’m not complaining about Quality From the iPhone SE screen. It is an LCD panel, its resolution is only 750 x 1334, and it operates at a frequency of 60 Hz. These specifications are not “modern”, but they are suitable for a small screen of 4.7 inches, especially those with high color accuracy. It’s just that the iPhone SE’s screen is so small.

The camera sensors are also quite small. After nearly a decade of use, Apple’s 12MP rear camera is really showing its age. It produces decent pictures, but it doesn’t match the quality of similarly priced Android devices (previous-generation Samsung and Google phones blow that sucker out of the water). The 7MP selfie camera is also weak, although the rear camera is clearly a major disappointment here.

These problems are not found in recent iPhones. The iPhone Mini is about the same size as the iPhone SE, except that it has a larger (and more usable) 5.42-inch screen. In addition, today’s iPhone cameras particle And produce incredible images.

I should also note that the iPhone SE battery life is average. Plus, it fails to match the durability of recent iPhones, which use Ceramic Shield technology to increase drop and scratch protection. An iPhone can last for half a decade, and I’m not sure why you put up with all that trouble for five years.

Apple can solve these problems in 2023

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The current generation of iPhone SE is a relic of the Steve Jobs era. Although it uses an attractive design, it is not suitable for modern applications or users. But Apple could make the iPhone SE an attractive device in 2023 – it just needs to leave the past behind.

Leaks and rumors indicate that Fourth generation iPhone SEIt will be launched in 2023, to be an upgraded version of the iPhone XR. It will get rid of the Home button, gain a 6.1-inch screen, and inherit a modern selfie camera with Face ID support. (Presumably, it will also use the A15 Bionic chipset, as Apple reused those chipsets for the base model iPhone 13.)

Now, to be clear, I’m not entirely confident in this rumor. We heard people make These same allegations In 2021 before the launch of the third generation iPhone SE. (To be fair, supply chain issues could have prevented Apple from upgrading the design of the 2022 iPhone SE.)

But there’s no guarantee that Apple will sell even the fourth generation iPhone SE in 2023 – it’s all just speculation. In the meantime, I’d suggest avoiding the iPhone SE and buying something else.

So, which iPhone should you buy?

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If you’re on a tight budget, skip the iPhone SE and buy a file iPhone 11. It’s a simple suggestion. The iPhone 11 costs only $50 more than the iPhone SE, but it has a larger 6.1-inch screen, improved cameras (with the addition of an ultra-wide lens), and killer battery life. It’s hard to ignore these promotions.

Now, to be fair, the iPhone 11 is already a few years old. It runs a slightly slower chipset than the iPhone SE, doesn’t support 5G, and the LCD screen has a pixel density of 326 PPI – so, while screens are of different sizes, they’re Technically identical in quality.

Probably iPhone 12 mini It is the best option. This phone is the same size as the iPhone SE, but it uses a larger 5.4-inch OLED display with improved pixel density and Ceramic Shield glass. It also supports MagSafe and 5G connectivity.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 Mini does not have an amazing battery life. It’s not a great option for people who use their phone all day, and its screen (although larger than the iPhone SE’s) is still a bit small for regular tasks. But you can find the iPhone 12 Mini for under $500, so it’s a compelling alternative to the iPhone SE or iPhone 11.

Again, iPhones can last a very long time. I highly suggest buying the iPhone that you are excited to own, as you will likely be stuck with it for a while. Unless you need a phone todayYou may want to put off your purchase, save some money, and try to find an iPhone that you’ll enjoy using for several years.

Apple iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch screen, two rear cameras, killer battery life, and Face ID support. It’s a steal, although a few years old, so you should buy it refurbished or pre-owned.

Apple iPhone 12 mini

Despite its small size, the iPhone 12 Mini has a powerful A15 Bionic chipset, supports 5G connectivity, and works with MagSafe accessories. It also uses an OLED display that delivers higher quality images than the iPhone 11 or iPhone SE.

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