Why you don't need to buy the most expensive iPhone, iPad or Mac

Why you don’t need to buy the most expensive iPhone, iPad or Mac

I recently told you that I don’t really need the iPhone 14 Pro I got it on launch day. The iPhone 14 met my mobile needs, and I wouldn’t notice the difference. I told you to file iPhone 14 and Plus are not ’13s’ iPhone models. They are professional models that Apple sells at a lower price.

All of this made me realize that we have reached a level of technological sophistication that makes entry-level and mid-tier Apple devices incredibly useful. And that you don’t have to buy the pros to get a great experience. Forget the iPhone Pro, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro if you don’t need any of the Pro features. Instead, you should go for what I’m about to call the “Apple Air” experience and never look back.

What is the Apple Air experience?

There is no such thing as an Apple Air, of course. I use this phrase to describe entry-level to mid-range Apple devices. And I use the word “Air” because some of the products I’m going to mention use that word in the product name.

These are the iPad Air and the MacBook Air, although the latter is already the product that made this marketing term so popular. The MacBook Air was once expensive, even though Pro features weren’t offered. It was the slim design that people loved, and one that Apple has kept for years. Fast forward to 2022, and the MacBook Air is as powerful as the MacBook Pro, thanks to Apple’s significant innovations in the silicon department.

The iPad Air is not as popular as the MacBook Air. But it still points to similar boxes. The M1 iPad Air is practically the iPad Pro without A few bells and whistles.

iPhone 14 smartphone from Apple. Image source: Christian de Lauper for BGR

What are other air devices?

Buyers looking to get Apple devices on the cheap will love this Apple Air experience. Especially if they don’t need the Pro features that come with the more expensive iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

These Pro features include better displays that support 120Hz refresh rates and more raw power in terms of processor and GPU performance. And more RAM. They also get better cameras, especially the iPhone.

But if you’re looking to save money on brand-new Apple devices, especially in this economy, you can take a look at more affordable Apple devices – what I call the Airs. Note that I said brand new tools. You can get great deals on used and new Apple products online, including the pros we’re about to avoid.

The $799, 128GB, iPhone 14 It is the cheapest iPhone 14 model you can think of. Apple also sells iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 modelsAnd they’re great hardware in 2022 if you need to save even more money.

The tenth generation of iPad
Apple’s 10th generation tablet. Image source: Apple Inc.

With the iPad, things get a lot clearer — or more complicated. The cheapest iPad is the $329, 64GB iPad 9 that Apple launched last year. But here, you might want to spend $449 on the all-new 64GB iPad 10 It comes with a USB-C port. The $599, 64GB iPad Air gives you the M1 processor upgrade.

When it comes to MacBooks, a file MacBook Air $999 The one launched by Apple in the year 2020 is an excellent device. If you can splurge on an extra $200, you get the new MacBook Air design and the new M2 chip. But the M1 MacBook Air is a killer laptop that’s hard to get No real competition.

We’ve taken the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook out of the way, but that still leaves the accessories behind. The $249 2022 Apple Watch SE It would be a great mid-range wear. It’s rocking the same dual-core S8 chip as the more expensive one Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra. But it has an outdated design and does not support the latest health tracking features. However, it is a great “antenna” device to guide you until you are ready to buy something more expensive.

Apple Watch SE Main
Apple Watch SE smart watch. Image source: Christian de Lauper for BGR

The AirPods (2nd generation) They are the cheapest AirPods from Apple. It doesn’t feature the new 3rd generation design and doesn’t support active noise cancellation like AirPods Pro. But will they provide a great music experience? definitely. At $129, they’re a great wireless headphones to buy. And the You will often find great deals from other retailers.

How much does the Apple Air experience cost?

Simple math tells us that the above Apple Air experience will cost you $2,625. You can get an iPhone 14 for $799, $449 an iPad 10, $999 an M1 MacBook Air, $249 an Apple Watch SE 2, and $129 AirPods 2. There’s still plenty of money to spend at once on Apple equipment. And Apple loves its profit margins, which is why these cheap Apple devices are still too expensive for many people.

But you don’t have to buy everything at once. Also, getting a MacBook and an iPad at the same time can be overkill. The iPhone is easily the priority, especially if you are upgrading.

Apple AirPods 2 with wired charging case.
Apple AirPods 2 with wired charging case. Image source: Amazon

However, your mileage may vary. You may find great deals on these devices to lower the entry price. And it might supplement your Apple line of equipment over the course of a few years. This is another great thing about buying Apple. These devices will last for years. But if you’re not looking for a Pro experience, you should aim for great value for your money. Switch to the Apple Air experience and never look back. You will not be sorry.

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