Why the newly launched HUAWEI nova 10 Pro is the right smartphone for you

Today, you can get your hands on some of the best flagship smartphones, covering all your needs: be it great designs, amazing cameras, incredible charging speed, amazing screens, fast and smooth operations with plenty of storage space. We like to call them trendy flagship phones.

Huawei recently released a file HUAWEI nova 10 Pro, the company’s latest addition to the popular and powerful HUAWEI nova series. The smartphone comes with a stunning design, unmatched 60MP dual-focus front camera, ultra-fast charging speeds, ultra-wide imaging, and superior hardware features, making it our best choice for today’s modern flagship phone in the UAE in 2022.

The nickname nova is derived from the Latin word “novas,” which signifies that every rising star is born to shine, similar to the passion of young people as they pursue their dreams of a better future. Created on the basis of innovative technology, each generation of the HUAWEI nova series strives to represent the ideology of an innovative piece of technology that features modern design, powerful cameras, excellent performance and delivers intelligent interaction experiences. With this ideology in mind, comes the launch of the new HUAWEI nova 10 series, which brings the series into its tenth generation. As of July 2022, the nova series has amassed more than 200 million users worldwide.

Cool design where fashion meets technology:

The HUAWEI nova series has always come in trendy colors and elegant aesthetics, and the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro continues this legacy, introducing the innovative No.10 color and starry black color.

Color No. 10. Depicts exquisite and elegant aesthetics. By combining the elegant metallic silver color with the gold Star Orbit Ring and the icon, the 3D curved screen of the phone is complemented, shining layer by layer to display brilliant color changes under different light and shade.

The HUAWEI nova 10 Pro innovatively adapts a dual-tone coating process to enhance the Star Orbit Ring design language, creating a sense of harmony and harmony. Star Orbit Ring combines technology and fashion.

Stunning 60MP front camera with autofocus with some great features:

From selfies to vlogs, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro comes with some innovative features when it comes to front camera technology. It features high quality dual front camera lenses. One of the lenses features the industry’s first front-facing 60MP ultra-wide-angle autofocus camera, supporting 100° wide-angle and 4K video quality, providing excellent resolution and light sensitivity. In addition, the 8MP telephoto front camera, an industry first, supports 2X optical zoom and up to 5X digital zoom, expanding the boundaries of human perception and giving you the ultimate close-up experience.

HUAWEI nova 10 Pro now comes with 0.75 – 5X zoom function in video mode. With a suite of features such as camera focus, camera movement, color adjustment, audio capture, and video editing, users now have an all-in-one studio that they can activate anytime, anywhere. The smartphone also has the industry’s first front-facing camera with instantaneous AF with 4-stage detection (QPD). With the improved AF capabilities of the dual front cameras, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro can intelligently switch the focus of different subjects inside the camera, and through the Showcase Focus function, it allows subjects to be clearly displayed even in vlogs shot indoors.

Meanwhile, it can use multiple smartphone cameras to shoot simultaneously, providing a multi-camera shooting experience with a combination of dual front cameras, front and rear cameras, as well as picture-in-picture capture, all while shooting beautiful pictures. The subject’s face details, makeup and accessories . Furthermore, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro features a 4K wide angle field at the front. The AI ​​Texture Skin algorithm combined with XD Fusion frame composition optimizes mobile photography for every scenario: front-light, back-light, and multi-exposure High Dynamic Range (HDR) shots to achieve SLR-accurate front-level bokeh effects, helping users capture crisp images and high-quality close-ups with the click of the shutter button.

HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo 100W

Equipped with a 100W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo motor, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro lets users say goodbye to worrying about low battery. To activate Turbo mode, users need to connect the phone to a power source and then tap the charging icon. It takes only 10 minutes to charge the phone quickly from 20% to 80%, while the phone is fully charged in just 20 minutes, providing users with an unprecedented and instant fast charging experience. The HUAWEI nova 10 Pro also packs a 4,500mAh battery into its slim and compact body.

First-class Ultra Visibility Photography: High-quality photos and videos in all scenarios

The rear camera of HUAWEI nova 10 Pro is also equipped with a 50MP RYYB Ultra Vision camera setup, which consists of a 50MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide macro camera, and a depth camera. The rear camera of the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro also supports instant autofocus with QPD. When taking photos of people, users can select the Follow Focus feature in the Vlog category under Effects. When one person is shown the frame, the camera focus frame will automatically lock into the subject. With multiple ends in the frame, users can click on the main subject, and when the camera focus frame turns yellow, the subject is locked in the field of view. There is also a Portrait Video function, which makes a Bokeh photo look more natural with more advanced facial recognition and background Bokeh algorithms. Both the front and back cameras of the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro support Motion Blur function. With this feature, users can now take photos with blurred backgrounds. The smartphone also comes with an AI Snapshot feature that can manipulate elements, such as people, sky, buildings, and plants, to enhance the overall look and feel of photos, and easily lock and freeze the beauty of fleeting moments.

The Super Night Shot feature is also supported on the HUAWEI nova 10, providing excellent details beyond the perception of the human eye in dark scenes, as well as making use of powerful light sensing capabilities and pixel-grade reconstruction technology, to brighten dark areas. The HUAWEI nova 10 Pro is also equipped with Huawei’s flagship RYYB color filter matrix, which replaces the green pixels in the sensor with yellow pixels, increasing light absorption by 40%. The camera’s light sensitivity supports up to ISO 400,000, which effectively improves shooting performance in low-light shooting to capture clear night photos with rich detail.

120Hz original color curved screen

The HUAWEI nova 10 Pro is equipped with an original 6.78-inch 120Hz color curved screen, with a super resolution of 2652 x 1200 to provide a wider view, capturing every vivid detail in the scene.

Inspirational user experience and vision

Thanks to the Super Device features, Huawei has integrated various menus in the control panel with a simple tap; Users can explore the control panel and quickly access audio playback, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, as well as make it easy to control multiple devices as if they were controlling just one.

Users can click on HUAWEI MatePad icon to activate Smartphone-Tablet Multi-screen Collaboration; Or tap the HUAWEI MateBook icon of Smartphone-PC Multi-Screen Collaboration or tap the HUAWEI FreeBuds icon to seamlessly switch audio output to their Huawei earphones.

With the distributed file system, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro can also act as an external storage that is wirelessly connected to the computer, which means that users can access the files they want more easily than ever before. This means that when users draft an email on PC, they can add smartphone files as an attachment or when they see the picture they like when browsing the Internet on PC, they can save that image directly to the smartphone.

HUAWEI nova 10 Pro includes useful and premium services such as Petal Search, Petal Maps, HUAWEI Video, HUAWEI Browser, GameCenter and more. It also comes pre-installed with AppGallery – the third largest app marketplace in the world, where you can download a wide range of global and local apps.

Price and availability in the UAE

The new HUAWEI nova 10 Pro will be available in Starry Silver and Starry Black colors for pre-orders in the United Arab Emirates from October 14 at a price of 2,399 AED. In addition, the HUAWEI nova 10 will be available at AED 1899 and the Huawei nova 10 SE will be priced at AED 1299 for pre-orders in the UAE starting from October 14.

The pre-order offer provides gifts worth AED 529, including: HUAWEI FreeLace Lite Earphones, 3-month free subscription to HAUWEI Music and HUAWEI Video, 3-month free subscription to 50GB HAUWEI Mobile Cloud, and 1-month Muti-Countries warranty service 12 months (Muti-Country Support) and 1 year Manufacturer Warranty service in GCC and Egypt.

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