WeDream augmented reality app is now available for iPhone and Android |  News

WeDream augmented reality app is now available for iPhone and Android | News

DENVER, September 27, 2022 (The Globe Newswire) – WeDreamToday, the world’s first smartphone-based augmented reality social platform Metaverse announced that the WeDream app is now available for download, providing an entirely new way to connect with friends, creators and colleagues for entertainment, business and commerce. The app is available on both the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices, and the launch comes in anticipation of the three-day WeDream immersive event, Dream Festival, scheduled for September 29 – October 1. Opening users of the application must use a file Invitation Code 092922 When creating their WeDream account for early access to the app.

“The future of the metaverse begins today where literally millions of consumers are getting easy access to the augmented reality experience that has been limited to tech insiders and early adopters thus far,” said Peter Calvey, President of WeDream. “With the launch of the WeDream app, the metaverse is no longer a mystery out of reach for the average consumer but a concrete option to explore, discover and connect. Bringing these people and democratizing access to the metaverse is one of our primary goals.”

WeDream’s mission is to integrate the physical and virtual worlds in order to enable more people to create and engage with each other in augmented reality. The WeDream app supports this new social media experience, providing access to the metaverse through a convenient and familiar interface to a smartphone. When participating in “Dreams,” including social hangouts, games, business collaborations, immersive shows and more, WeDream empowers those who use the app (or “Dreamers”) with a range of innovative tools and infrastructure to take advantage of augmented reality however they see fit. The inaugural version of WeDream includes the following features:

  • Dream Creator Tools: allow anyone on the platform to create a dream and build an environment to host friends and/or their community using unique elements in augmented reality. These environmental things include; Lighting, trees, rocks, crystals, game components, basketball hoop, shooting targets, interactive objects (balloons that can “explode”, breakable crystal).
  • Voice Broadcasting: Up to 15 people in a dream can use the “Voice of God” effect to enable these people to be the primary voices heard in the dream. The host can select those with whom to broadcast on the Dream Stage and the blast notification will identify the speakers. Speaker avatars will be equipped with a microphone to identify them as Dream announcers.
  • Audio Stream: Live collections and pre-recorded audio can be streamed to a dream using a backend portal that allows the uploader to select a specific dream for MP3 input or live streams.
  • Image Containers: The ability to upload any image into augmented reality which can be used to display trademarks, messages, NFTs, or any other art.
  • 3D Text: WeDream features a unique font and customizable 3D text that can be adjusted in size allowing creators to amplify their brand and message in augmented reality.
  • Sofa Mode: A mode where anyone can experience a dream through virtual reality.

The dreamers on the platform first start by customizing their avatar, then they can create a new “dream” or one existing entry within the platform. This is similar to the “worlds” or “servers” that are known in many online games today. Once in the dream, they are connected to other dreamers in the same virtual space, where they can connect and interact with people across town and around the world in free, ticket-based or subscription-based experiences. WeDream artists and creators can customize their surroundings to create unique spaces and develop new objects and interactions that they can then sell to other dreamers. Innovations on the WeDream app are developed as NFTs, providing a chain of custody, and giving creators a verified marketplace to be compensated for their creations.

“We believe the WeDream marketplace for digital goods and services will be a huge draw for many creators. It really puts the power of this new, limitless economy in the hands of the masses,” Calvey said. “WeDream provides the infrastructure. Content creators can create and sell unique tools, environments, and interactions in the form of NFTs. It will be a great experience to start sharing all the capabilities of WeDream with people during the upcoming Dream Festival. “

Scheduled for September 29 – October 1, WeDream’s Dream Festival will be a group of thousands of people coming together for three days in augmented reality to experience immersive live music performances, attend pioneer panels, see interactive art galleries, and play augmented reality games, while in harmony. with the global community. Featured performers during the Festival of Dreams will include:

  • BoomBox feat. BackBeat Brass – electronic rock duo BoomBox, composed of brothers Zion Rock Godchaux and Kinsman MacKay, bring organic, heavy grooves and soulful rhythms that penetrate the dance floor, and into all aspects of the human experience. BoomBox performances feature a mix of drum machines and live computer mixed tones put together by MacKay, which creates the basis for Godchaux’s electric guitar beats and his soulful vocals.
  • ETHNO with Jeff Franca of Thievery Corp. – ETHNO is the electronic music project of multidisciplinary producer Jeff Franca, best known as the drummer for the world-class Thevery Orchestra. With ETHNO, Franca integrates a wide range of inspirations from around the world, from Africa to Asia, South America and the Caribbean. These effects are embellished with a varied combination of tuning, spatial recordings, and stifling bass.

In addition, the festival will include curated events with WeDream partners, including Party Animals, The Whiteelist, TRAITWorks, Born To Be Me, Metanoise, FutureShape360, Trippin’ Apes Tribe, Nexus Voyager, The Stoics and more. To celebrate the launch of the app, exclusive in-app extensions will be released every day of the Dream Festival to help enhance the experience and spark excitement. Dream Festival tickets available over here. The WeDream app is currently available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices; use the Invitation Code 092922 When creating a WeDream account for early access to the app.

The global metaverse market is expected to reach nearly $1 trillion by 2030, according to Report From Prophecy Market Insights. In addition, industry forecasts predict that by the same year, A large percentage of people will be in the metaverse In a way, it’s either for work, play, or a combination of both.

About WeDream

WeDream is a smartphone-based augmented reality social platform that is changing the way artists, creators, gamers and consumers interact with each other through social experiences. With a tap of the screen, users can join virtual rooms, or “dreams,” where they can experience live content and events, interact with friends, and express themselves through virtual avatars. The WeDream platform is designed to bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world while providing a place for creators to build and monetize their creativity through unique experiences, or NFTs. To learn more about WeDream and the future of social communication, please visit wedream. the scientist. Continue the conversation at Twitter.

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