Waterfox G5.0 out with lots of changes

Waterfox G5.0 came out with a lot of changes

Waterfox G5.0, the latest version of the Firefox ESR-based web browser, is now available. The latest version of the web browser includes a large number of improvements and new features.

The developer notes that the new version will be rolled out via automatic updates starting next week. Waterfox users who want to upgrade can immediately download the latest version of Project official website To install it on the current version of the browser.

Waterfox users can check the installed version by selecting Menu > Help > About Waterfox in the menu.

Waterfox G5.0

The official release notes list all the major changes to the new release. Most of the changes are made to the primary platform. Waterfox G5.0 is based on Firefox ESR 102, which means that it supports the features of this version along with the features of Waterfox.

The release notes group most of the platform changes into the three groups of Security, Media, and Operating Systems.


Waterfox G5.0 includes improved referrer tracking protection in strict tracking protection mode and in private browsing mode. The developers have improved web compatibility as well. Besides, Waterfox sandbox on Linux prevents access to the X Window system on Linux for web content.

Additionally, the “least restrictive referrer policies” to prevent privacy leaks are now ignored, and the browser now supports automatic updating “to HTTPS using HTTPS RR as Alt-Svc headers”.

The media

Lots of media related changes. Waterfox supports AVIF format and hardware-accelerated AV1 video decoding, the latter only on certain Windows systems with supported GPUs.

The browser’s built-in PDF viewer supports filling out forms in the new version, and Picture-in-Picture mode now supports video captions and subtitles for specific sites.

On Macs, support for images with ICC v4 profiles is now enabled. Sharing options are now under the browser’s file menu, and HDR video is also supported on Macs. At the moment, YouTube support is limited to macOS 11 and later with HGR-compatible screens.

Waterfox will crash less due to low memory on the system, thanks to improvements built into Firefox code by Mozilla. Noise suppression and auto gain have also been significantly improved in the version.

Operating System

Waterfox supports Snap Layout and features new scrollbar styles for Microsoft Windows 11. Scroll bars no longer take up space on Linux and Windows by default. The browser follows the system settings on Windows 11, found under Settings > Accessibility > Visual Effects > Always show scroll bars. On Linux, users can change the behavior in the browser settings.

Waterfox has a video overlay feature enabled for Intel GPUs on Windows to reduce power usage while playing video.

Linux users benefit from improved WebGL performance and lower power consumption.

Waterfox for macOS uses Low Power Mode for full-screen videos on YouTube, Twitch, and other sites, reducing power consumption. Users may also notice low CPU usage when using software decoding.

closing words

Waterfox G5.0 is a new major release of the Firefox-based browser that introduces many new features and improvements.

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Waterfox G5.0 came out with a lot of changes

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Waterfox G5.0 came out with a lot of changes

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Waterfox G5.0, the latest version of the Firefox ESR-based web browser, is now available.


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