Vuzix offers Ultralite smart glasses for iOS and Android

Vuzix offers Ultralite smart glasses for iOS and Android

Photo: Vuzix

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Vuzix wants to conquer the consumer market with lightweight and fashionable technical eyewear. What does the Vuzix Ultralite offer?

Data eyewear specialist Vuzix introduces a new pair of glasses for consumers: The Vuzix Ultralite is thin and sturdy, yet weighs about as much as regular glass and looks the same.

Vuzix Ultralite: smart glasses for Android and iOS

Vuzix Ultralite only works with a mobile device. Smart glasses pair with a smart watch or smartphone via Bluetooth. It then uses the Waveguide display to display the mobile device’s content directly into the wearer’s field of view. The glasses support both Android and iOS devices.

Die Vuzix Ultralite soll in unterschiedlichen Größen, Farben und Stärken erhältlich sein.

The Vuzix Ultralite will be available in different sizes, different colors, and different prescription lenses. Photo: Vuzix

Ultralite is designed for hands-free use and therefore should support voice control. However, Vuzix does not explicitly mention this feature. It is also not clear if there is a touchpad. The battery life is two days.

Smart glasses are available in different colors and sizes, as well as different thicknesses of prescription lenses. The design looks decent and modern and can hardly be distinguished from any ordinary eyeglasses at first glance.

With the specified 38 grams, the smart glasses will indeed be a lightweight among their peers. For comparison: the AR Nreal Light headset weighs 143 grams with the cable. The recommended maximum weight for regular glasses is 50 grams.


According to Vuzix, the Ultralite is suitable for language translations, translation, news, directions, or checking the status of your training.

Ultralite is a reference design for manufacturers

The Vuzix Ultralite is intended for consumers, but will not be sold directly. Instead, Vuzix plans to offer Ultralite as an OEM platform for manufacturers. The company is already working with consumer electronics brands to offer “the best, most affordable and lightweight smart glasses solution on the market.”

Vuzix can already be proud of its first award: The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is honoring Ultralite with its CES Innovation Award. With this award, the electronics trade fair honors products with innovative designs. CES 2023 will be held from January 5-8 in Las Vegas.

Recently, Vuzix also unveiled a pair of data glasses to the industry. The Vuzix Blade 2 It is specially designed for companies and offers high definition imaging or video streaming for employees.

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