vivo launched a new smartphone operating system based on Android 13

vivo launched a new smartphone operating system based on Android 13

  • Smartphone manufacturer vivo has launched a new operating system for its devices based on Android 13.
  • The new operating system, called “Funtouch OS 13”, comes with new and improved features for customization, security, camera and more.
  • It is available on select Vivo devices worldwide but South African users will still have to wait.

Chinese vivo communication technology (stylized as “vivo”) Officially launched the new “Funtouch OS 13”, a new operating system for vivo smartphones based on Android 13.

The new operating system comes with new and improved customization options, enhanced privacy and security features, and more controls for a “smoother, uninterrupted experience”.

More customization comes to vivo

The new Funtouch OS 13 from vivo gives users more visual control of their home screen.

The new operating system comes with a monochrome icon feature where users can now change the color of their home screen icons to match the wallpaper, system and app interfaces, similar to what is available on Samsung smartphones running the latest Android operating system.

Moreover, the new system allows users to customize the colors of the system user interface and built-in applications, including notification panels, volume control, calculator and clock.

The feature uses the user’s selected background color and preferred appearance to select the most appropriate color tint. This particular tint will then be applied to the app interfaces, giving your device a more consistent look.

New privacy and security features

Funtouch OS 13 comes with a new app install feature that helps users keep sensitive data safe, for peace of mind when it comes to privacy.

vivo explains that “when someone else is using the device, the two-level pin function keeps the selected application in view and prevents access to other applications on the device. This feature allows greater flexibility, allowing the owner to set parameters and control what actions are allowed within the installed application when Other people use the device.”

This OS update also allows users to hide photos and videos. vivo adds that users can now also selectively choose different apps to access specific photos, thus preventing unwanted viewing on their devices and enhancing privacy protection even further.

We’re not sure how completely new this feature will be, although it looks like an Android standard.

Improved control of vivo smartphones

To further simplify, Funtouch OS 13 also features an improved application management platform called iManager.

This platform can specifically help monitor app usage time and other metrics. If the CPU usage is too high, users can close certain apps that are consuming a large amount of memory with a single click.

iManager can also prevent overheating by reducing the number of active apps and adjusting the CPU frequency based on your smartphone’s cooling feature.

Quality of life changes and camera software updates

In addition to being able to view weather updates now, the dashboard also features an AQI card for health-conscious users who want to instantly check the latest information on air quality in their cities and regions with a detailed PM2.5 indicator.

The upcoming vivo OS also comes with “Professional Viewfinder,” a new camera software that makes shooting easier with a new mounting ring that helps mitigate the effects of shaky hands.

The video editing process has also been updated. Funtouch OS 13 allows users to mute the video while editing the footage and make precise volume adjustments to any video the user desires.

Accessibility is also improved with software improvements to color correction and reflection settings, as well as the option to remove some animations for users with special needs, such as low vision.


According to vivo, Funtouch OS 13 is currently available in all overseas markets besides China as of October 24, 2022. We have reached out to vivo to find out when it will be launched for vivo users in South Africa, and the company said, “The launch in South Africa is not far away.”

“It depends on the final launch plan set by the local Vivo office like other regional markets,” vivo told us. This means that it is up to vivo South Africa when the OS is released locally.

South Africa is an active market for vivo as new devices are released quite often. Last month, vivo Launched the vivo Y22 locally.

Currently, the new OS is only available on vivo X80 Pro أجهزة, one of the main devices of the company. vivo says it will “gradually bring Funtouch OS 13 to more users around the world with the most innovative experiences yet.”

“Upgrades will come to the respective market range of devices. Since there is not the same range of products in all markets, we are unable to identify the specific models,” he added.

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