Introducing the NAUTIZ X81 ultra-rugged Android handheld

Ultra-rugged 5G Android 12 with a familiar feel

LIDKÖPING, SwedenAnd the September 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/- portable groupToday, the leader in rugged laptops, announced the all-new Nautiz X81, an ultra-rugged Android mobile device joining the popular Nautiz line with extended outdoor reliability, 5G connectivity, plus virtually unlimited customization.

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The innovative 4.8-inch screen uses a unique display technology to deliver a truly sun-readable screen for outdoor work – without draining battery life. the new Nautiz X81 It comes with a full numeric keypad and has also been designed to accommodate customer requirements and job specific requirements. It features customization across expansion hoods allowing for a wide range of solutions that are affordable and easy to develop.

The mobile is extremely durable, with an IP67 rating of waterproof and dustproof, withstands shocks, vibrations and extreme temperatures, from -30°C up to 60°C. With a powerful 2.0 GHz processor, Android 12 operating system and both 5G and 4G/LTE, the Nautiz X81 delivers powerful computing power and versatile connectivity.

After the long-term success of Nautiz’s line of powerful devices, Handheld customers surveyed to see what they wanted from a new, high-end gadget. The result is an entirely new set of features and functionality, but with a familiar look.

“Interestingly, while everyone was interested in the expanded performance possibilities, there was also overwhelming support for the existing form factor,” Johan HeadMobile Product Management Manager. “So we’ve reinvented the wheel without changing the basic design, look and feel. Both new and repeat customers will find the Nautiz X81 to have the same rugged, comfortable feel as its predecessor.”

Combined with the revolutionary screen, powerful battery performance, and wide versatility, the Nautiz X81 offers other performance upgrades. Additional related features include:

  • Full numeric keypad with dedicated scan button
  • Android 12, Android Enterprise and Google GMS are recommended to access all Google apps
  • High speed 5G, 4G/LTE data, Wi-Fi, BT and NFC.
  • Dedicated u-blox GNSS multi-band receiver for fast and accurate location data using GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou.
  • Barcode scanning as an optional ability
  • A complete ecosystem of additional accessories and solutions to improve efficiency in the field.


Nautiz X81 orders can be placed immediately for shipments beginning at the end of 2022.

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