UK bans Chinese Hikvision CCTV

UK bans Chinese Hikvision CCTV

The British government has instructed government departments and websites to stop publishing any Chinese CCTV equipment.

The decision to ban CCTV camera use by the likes of Hikvision and Dahua has been revealed in Statement to Parliament By Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden.

It should be remembered that in May this year, the Government’s CCTV Commissioner, Professor Fraser Sampson, had Warning about Chinese-made CCTV camerascommonly found on British streets.

Chinese CCTV

Professor Fraser-Sampson said at the time that he had become increasingly concerned about the security risks posed by “state-controlled systems of surveillance covering our public spaces”.

Indeed, such was his concern, that Professor Sampson warned public sector bodies and local authorities against Purchase of CCTV equipment From Chinese companies including market leader Hikvision.

Now on Thursday, the UK government appears to be acting on that advice and has decided to ban the use of Chinese CCTV systems in “sensitive” locations.

“The government keeps the security of our people, information, assets and real estate under constant review,” Dowden wrote. “In this context, the Government Security Group conducted a review of potential current and future security risks associated with the installation of visual surveillance systems on government properties.”

“The review concluded that in light of the threat to the UK and the increased capacity and connectivity of these systems, additional controls are required,” Dowden said. “Departments have therefore been instructed to stop deploying such equipment in sensitive locations, as it is being produced by companies subject to the National Intelligence Law of the People’s Republic of China.”

“Because security considerations are always of the utmost importance around these sites, we are taking action now to prevent any security risks from occurring,” Dowden said. “In addition, departments have been advised that such equipment should not be connected to departmental core networks and that they should consider whether they should remove and replace such equipment as it is deployed to sensitive locations rather than waiting for any scheduled upgrades.”

He said government departments were also advised to consider whether there were sites outside the definition of sensitive sites where they would like to expand risk mitigation.

Hikvision response

The British restrictions essentially prevent government departments from installing technology produced by companies subject to China’s National Intelligence Law, which require Chinese citizens and organizations to field With the country’s intelligence and security services.

In a statement to CNN Business On Friday, Hikvision said it was “categorically wrong to portray Hikvision as a threat to national security.”

The company has reportedly said it hopes to communicate with British officials “urgently” to understand the decision, and has previously spoken with the UK government to clear up what it considers misunderstandings about its business.

“Hikvision is an equipment manufacturer that has no visibility into the video data of end users,” said the Hangzhou-based company. “Hikvision does not have access to video data of end users and cannot transfer data from end users to third parties. We do not manage end user databases, nor do we sell cloud storage in the UK.”

It should be noted that Chinese officials for decades They also have their own National Security Concerns About Western Technologydelusion Western technology is routinely prohibited in sensitive sites.

Chinese officials in March 2021 Tesla cars have been banned from entering Chinese military complexes and sensitive industrial or government facilities, due to concerns about the data-gathering capabilities of cars with their cameras and sensors.

Elon Musk at that time He denied the possibility of using the company’s electric cars to leak information from China.

National Security

Hikvision manufactures CCTV cameras and they are widely used around the world by both businesses and consumers for their surveillance needs.

Indeed, according to Top10VPNMore than 1,000 cities have Hikvision cameras installed, with the main markets being the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, a civil liberties group Big Brother Watch in February this year A report was published, revealing that two-thirds of the UK public bodies that responded admitted to using Chinese-made CCTV systems.

Hikvision has been on List of US entities since 2019Along with other Chinese companies, he banned them from importing American technology.

In May Biden administration He said it was Hikvision targeted with potential sanctions for “enabling” human rights abusesas it has allegedly provided the Chinese government with surveillance cameras facilitating the crackdown on the million Uyghurs who have been detained in camps in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Hikvision was also the company whose CCTV camera reportedly captured Matt Hancock’s infamous embrace and kiss with an aide, costing him his job as health secretary.

The CCTV camera in Hancock’s former office was later removed. The suspect who leaked the footage has not been arrested.

In July a cross-party group of MPs and Lords He called on the government to ban the use of surveillance equipment by two Chinese companies in the UK due to human rights concerns.

The group of 67 parliamentarians said they condemned the “alleged involvement in human rights abuses using technology in China” by Chinese companies Hikvision and Dahua.

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