TWRP 3.7 released with Android 12 compatibility and support for more devices

TWRP 3.7 released with Android 12 compatibility and support for more devices

The team behind the recovery has also started working on Android 13 support

Before you can flash a custom ROM or make any modifications to the system partition, you first need to root and install a custom recovery on your Android phone. And while the process of rooting your Android phone may vary, when it comes to installing a custom recovery, there is only one dominant option in the mod community: TeamWin Recovery Project or TWRP. In November last year, the TWRP team released recovery version 3.6 with support for Android 11 and a faster installation process. Almost a year later, the team released TWRP 3.7 with compatibility with Android 12 and many other major changes.


For compatibility reasons, TWRP 3.7 has a new branch for devices running Android 12 and Android 12L. This ensures that you can still enjoy data encryption on newer devices (via XDA). There are separate branches of Android 11 and Android 9 for older older devices that have received their own set of improvements. While there have already been unofficial TWRP versions for Android 12, the official version is always welcome as it means better stability and fewer bugs.

What’s new in 3.7.0:

  • MTP Error Handling for FFS Devices – nijel8
  • Subscription Download Module – CaptainThrowback
  • SELINUX is missing contexts – CaptainThrowback
  • Remove more deprecated code with encrypted backups – CaptainThrowback
  • Theme version ported to golang – AndroiableDroid
  • Python support in TWRP – CaptainThrowback
  • Chinese Language Updates – Bluehomewu
  • exclude / data / extm – sekaicg
  • MTP fixes for copying files > 4G – sekaicg
  • Configure HW Binaries at Vendor – bigbiff
  • Do not force the large RO – me-cafebabe
  • Unlock all sections of blocks in the setting – me-cafebabe
  • RapidXML Bail on XML Binary – me-cafebabe
  • A symbolic link is created for the logical partition only when it exists – me-cafebabe
  • Theme Variables for Status Bar Icons – Yilliee
  • Board-Made Exceptions for Backup Guides – DarthJabba9
  • Polish Language Updates – Kacskrz
  • include fastbootd with variable board – me-cafebae
  • Unlocking block devices during zip installation – bigbiff
  • Install partitions like RO when updating volume – me-cafebabe
  • Allow unmap super devices on A devices only – me-cafebabe
  • Unlock Blocking Partitions Before Reloading TWRP Files
  • BASH and nano fixes during build – CaptainThrowback
  • zip installation improvements – DarthJabba9
  • Android 12 encryption support – bigbiff
  • Dependency fixes for A12 – me-cafebabe
  • cryptfs-hw fixes – me-cafebabe
  • FDE Compatibility – me-cafebabe
  • boot-hal 1.2 support – tnakamur
  • boot-hal library fixes – CaptainThrowback
  • Don’t include fastbootd for all devices – me-cafebabe
  • Loading the kernel module – wait for the battery system to initialize – sekaicg
  • Fix install custom theme – sekaicg
  • Updated XML Binary File Handling in Android 12 – me-cafebabe
  • decryption repair skip – sekaicg
  • Integrated code for ABX xml files _that and DarthJabba9

You can find the detailed change for Android 9 and Android 11 subs at TWRP Official Announcement Mail.

Besides Android 12 support, the list of officially compatible devices with TWRP has expanded to include several Redmi phones from Xiaomi, Mi 10/Lite and Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1. You can use the TWRP app to download the latest version of custom recovery to your phone.

The team has also started working on Android 13 support, although at a relatively slow pace of development, don’t expect the official release to arrive anytime soon.

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