Top iPhone photographer shares tips for clicking the best photos on your new iPhone 14 Pro

Top iPhone photographer shares tips for clicking the best photos on your new iPhone 14 Pro

Diwali is the time when every family lives India Shines with lights, colors and crackers. The festive season also sees people buying new smartphones to flaunt their photography skills on Diwali. If you are someone who recently spent more than 1 lakh rupees to buy the new iPhone 14 Pro series smartphone, then needless to say, you want to test the cameras and show off the photos taken on the iPhone. But taking pictures during Diwali becomes difficult due to the mixed lighting conditions at night. It really tests the capability of any smartphone camera.

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The iPhone 14 Pro series comes with a new 48MP quad pixel primary sensor with features including an additional 2x Telephoto for a total of four zoom options and the ability to take 48MP photos in ProRAW. All iPhone 14 Pro series cameras get a boost in low-light performance with the new Photon Engine. Cinematic mode now records at 4K and 24fps, the cinematic frame rate. Motion mode provides better stable video during activities that require a lot of movement, as well as recording in Dolby Vision HDR.

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In order to help iPhone 14 Pro users get the best out of their new iPhone cameras during Diwali, one of Apple’s top iPhone photographers – Gursimran Basra shares some tips. Who is Qorsemran Basra? Well, his pictures have been featured on apple Instagram (Diwali 2017) and lockdown series (2020). Gursimran’s photos also appeared on Tim’s Twitter account with greetings from Diwali & Holi.

Diwali Photography: iPhone 14 Pro camera tips and tricks from Gursmaran Basra

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Tips: How to Use Macro Mode Effectively

Bringing the iPhone closer to the subject to a point where the black and yellow flower icon appears is when the phone’s camera is accurately capturing a correct macro image. The end results are stunning with great depth of detail and sharpness.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Tips: Manually Control Exposure on iPhone 14 Pro

“I also take pictures in low light conditions. Sometimes the frame is scenic but not with the great lighting condition. At times like these, I manually control the exposure by clicking the exposure box, swiping up and down to control the light in the frame and then capturing those Perfectly lit picture,” Gursmeran said.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Tips: Use Action Mode to Get a Different Feel

“While making videos of beautiful landscapes or streets, Motion Mode becomes a life saver. Walking through beautiful streets/places and simultaneous recording of video with the new Motion Mode results in a great 2.8K shots. I usually hold the phone with both hands to provide that extra symmetry and then Enable Action Mode. The end results are incredible. Videos Very soft and gives a cinematic touch. Motion mode can be enabled by activating the new icon (Enemy Man).”

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Get the perfect yield

“While shooting distant scenes, I usually enable portrait mode because of its capabilities to capture the smallest of details. I go back and forth between 1x 2x and 3x zoom to find that perfect frame that has the detail and sharpness I want. Sometimes, zooming in too much does the job It degrades image quality. So, it is important to get that perfect crop.”

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