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Top 10 iPhone Apps Nobody Knows

The iPhone has been a huge hit since Steve Jobs introduced it to the world over a decade ago. The device shows no signs of slowing down as the recently released iPhone 14 has proven to be as popular as its predecessors. With every new phone comes a new base of people who are waiting to use it.

Given the phone’s popularity, it’s no surprise how big the App Store (Apple website He claims that there are currently approximately 2 million applications available). While some have become incredibly famous and well known, there have been some gems that are not very well known to the public.

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10/10 sleep cycle

Very few things are as important as a good night’s sleep. However, for many, it can be very difficult to achieve a normal sleep schedule. Fortunately, there is Sleep Cycle, an app that is specifically designed around the user’s sleep patterns to give them the perfect amount of sleep.

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There have been many alarm based apps for the iPhone; However, this takes real-world data and actually helps the user improve their sleep. With a good night’s sleep, users can enjoy the day in total comfort, doing more than they can do on a short night of rest.

9/10 drunk

It’s possible that people who enjoy being out on the town have struggled with making a call or text they shouldn’t get or leaving something of value at one of the many stops. With Drunk Mode, users can block incoming and outgoing calls to specific numbers while drinking, and the app also helps users track their steps via GPS.

Having a phone when drinking is important for staying in touch with friends and accessing transportation apps like Uber or Lyft, but some people may appreciate the option to restrict what goes in and out of the device. Nobody likes waking up with regret over a call or text or living through one of the worst episodes sugar history.

8/10 streaks

Everyone is trying to get better every day. It is human nature to desire improvement. With an app like Streaks, doing this is much easier. Users can set times to do goals, such as going to the gym or reading a book. Helps build new habits.

If the line is broken, the app will reset to the start. This can help convince people to really commit to a new activity and build good habits that they want to form. It also connects to the health app, which is great for people looking to create a healthier lifestyle.

7/10 brain food

People can spend a lot of time browsing their phones without thinking, doing absolutely nothing. However, if someone were to do that, he might also benefit from it. Comes Brainfood, an app dedicated to helping mindless scrolling become more educational.

Instead of just searching Instagram and looking at pictures, people can look at historical facts and other things that might interest them a bit. Getting to know the history of some of cinema’s most sympathetic villains, among others, can be a lot of fun. While it may not be the most immersive app, Brainfood has entertainment value and helps the user learn in the process.

6/10 Smart Friends

Smartfriends is an application that can be useful to help keep your brain active. Here, users use the new ‘IQ Challenge’ every day. The format for these small challenges varies, but the result and accompanying explanation are posted the next day. Users can compete against friends or a global leaderboard.

Humans are a learning type, and they constantly want to learn more. Apps like this help humans feed this desire by giving them fun games. As a result, Smartfriends is a rare game that can help a user’s intelligence over time.

5/10 Zombie’s Run

There are hundreds of fitness apps available on the App Store, but very few of them combine exercise and awe. Zombie’s Run turns the user into a scavenger who must orbit a GPS-generated map to find supplies for a fictional zombie survival community. Furthermore, users wear headphones while running to get updates from their imaginary partner regarding where the zombies are and what they’re running into. Zombies get louder and sound closer when the user needs to move more quickly.

Many people just need some inspiration to get back on their feet and run. People who find the most adorable zombies of all time hard to watch may only appreciate the sonic zombie experience. Although the app is from the old days of iOS, it still receives updates and is still a fun way to exercise.

4/10 Radio Garden

Streaming music is great, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to listen to a good radio station. With Radio Garden, listeners can listen to the stations being played all over the world. Doing so can bring back old memories of last year’s stations or introduce people to stations from other countries.

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Music can bring peoples together so an app like this is really cool. Now someone in the US can listen to stations from all over the world, which helps them become more connected to what other countries are currently listening to and maybe even bring a new kind of music to them together.

3/10 Dilio

This critically acclaimed app gives users the ability to track how they feel throughout the day. It also gives them the ability to check the activities they are going to complete that day and plot data about the user’s mood.

This application is especially useful for children who are beginning to understand their feelings but it can also be useful for adults. Learning to express oneself is a very important part of growing up, and this app gives people a new modern way to understand the feelings they have.

2/10 Libyan

This application is used via the user library card. This gives them free use of e-books and audiobooks. Books that would normally have to be paid for to read are now within easy reach of the user if they have a library card. Everything from books for people who love reality TV to books for history buffs is here.

Knowledge is the key to improving as human beings. Reading is especially important to give insight into the world around us and what was here before. Doing this also helps local libraries as having a card helps them get more funding, which helps a very important part of local governments that need to be maintained.

1/10 TraffickCam

TraffickCam is a very important human rights app. With this app, users take pictures of where they are staying, such as hotel rooms. The photos are put into a database where they can be used with comparisons of photos of victims of human trafficking. This helps find leads in these cases.

Human trafficking is an issue that should receive more attention. It destroys lives and families while slowing the pockets of some very bad people. This app gives people the opportunity to help the many victims of these crimes in a way that would have been impossible to think of in previous years.

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