Tingo AFAN partners unveil smartphones and tools to farmers

Tingo AFAN partners unveil smartphones and tools to farmers

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Muhammad Abubakar, Chairman of the All Nigeria Farmers Association (AFAN), Director of Business Development (AFAN) and other members of the association at the event

By Patricia Amogo

The All Nigerian Farmers Association (AFAN) in collaboration with development partner Tingo Mobile Plc.a, has unveiled the AFAN Smartphone, Point of Sale Machine and Visa Cards to raise the profile of smart agriculture and empower farmers in the country.

The inauguration came on the sidelines of an event organized to celebrate the National Farmers Day in Abuja.

Tingo’s CEO, Mr Auwal Maude, said at the Tingo unveiling that Tingo’s leadership has been driven by a relentless mission to uplift rural communities and support groups in Nigeria and other developing economies.

“It is necessary to set aside a day like this to celebrate the great achievements of every farmer at this conference and across the country.”

He said Tingo has come up with various solutions, using priority technology to reduce the challenges farmers face.

Tingo Market One of the solution innovations is the Agri Market that connects farmers with other players in the agricultural market, and it eliminates the middlemen.

“Tingo Pay, a smart cashless payment method, Tingo Visa Card along with POS solutions are part of the solutions,” he added.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Dr. Mohamed Abubakar receives an honorary gift from the farmers of Niger State as a level of food security in Nigeria, supported by the CEO of Tingo mobile, Nigeria.

While praising Tengo’s gestures and collaboration, Dr. Farooq Rabiu Modi, President of All Nigeria Farmers Association said that farmers in Nigeria have achieved a greater achievement that will take them to a new level of transitional development at every ramification.

“We now have a custom AFAN Android phone that we were able to launch at His Excellency’s time, and we are very happy that this happened at a time like this.

“In the next 25 days, mobile phones will be available all over the country.

To ensure financial inclusion for farmers, AFAN has acquired our own banks as well, known as Microfinance Bank for All Farmers and Women with the support of Tingo, we have Tingo POS that will be linked to this microfinance bank.

“We also have a Visa card, Tingo Card, which will also be used as an ID card, and your photo and name will appear as soon as you start the transaction. So we have the ATM card, ID card and visa card in one card, with your name and number on it,” he said.

According to him, AFAN has partnered with two HMOs to provide farmers with a health insurance system; The provision of the CUG platform to farmers through 9Mobile across the country continues.

“We are also in partnership with Tingo Mobile to provide a special credit facility to farmers on crop production,” he added.

This new height for AFAN was a welcome development that will push farmers to do more and promote diversification, said Juliette Opiali, director of business development for the association.

She commended all the efforts Tingo has made to support farmers in the country at a time like this where farmers are facing harsh conditions due to climate change and floods.


Edited by Isaac Arrigpisola

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