iPhone 14 Pro crash detection test

This YouTuber Boldly Watched Hitting a Car to Check Out the New iPhone 14 Crash Detection

It can be said that when it comes to launching new cars these days, mostly electric cars, the technology and features that come with it are probably the most talked about aspects of the said car. And while this is certainly different from what it was a decade or so ago, it’s no surprise that the auto industry is heading in that direction.

Today, almost everything in our lives is connected to the internet, it is “smart”, and our primary device for controlling all these features is our smartphone. Similarly, when it comes to modern cars, almost all sectors have offers that come with some kind of connectivity, either directly through an integrated electronic chip or indirectly through our smartphone, and all these functions are controlled through a screen placed on the dashboard.

And with our smartphones becoming more and more important day by day, car makers are working hard towards making your smartphone and your car an extension of each other. The same is working in reverse, and tech companies are incorporating features that can be an extension and add more functionality to the car you drive.

As part of this, Apple recently announced that its latest series of iPhone 14 smartphones will come with car accident detection technology. And it was tested exactly how you’d expect it to be tested – in a crash by the gritty guys at TechRax.

Apple iPhone 14 crash detection test

Before we get into how the technology works, let’s talk about what exactly happens during testing. In order to test the fault detection feature of Apple iPhone 14, TechRax YouTube channel They got their hands on an old Mercury Grand Marquis to use as a test car and decided to crash into a group of old, already wrecked, burnt out cars that had been seen lying in a field.

While this provided them with a safe area to perform this test, the challenge of who would drive and crash into the car was tackled with a genius excavator consisting of an electric skateboard so they could control the car’s acceleration from a distance. In order to maintain the health of the car, a seat belt was attached around the steering wheel.

But while they control the car’s accelerator and steering wheel, they seem to have no control over the car’s brakes and have to wait for it to stop normally.

As for the iPhone 14, or the iPhone 14 Pro specifically, they keep it in dash when they first crash. And speaking of the accident, their first attempt to smash the car was rather weak. The car hits the burning car and drives through it pretty much with dents in the front.

Next, several wrecked cars are bundled together to form a larger obstacle and this time, the iPhone 14 Pro is glued to the back of the driver’s side headrest. The crash happens successfully and while at first it looks like the phone didn’t detect a malfunction but eventually it does and starts calling the emergency response number.

Finally, a third, bigger accident happened, and this time too, the iPhone detects the malfunction and starts making an emergency call. Test completed, iPhone 14 crash detection is working as recommended.

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Explaining Apple’s Troubleshooting Technology

The iPhone company launched fault detection with the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch SE (2nd generation), Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra — all part of its latest launch. Apple says Fault detection is turned on by default and no setup is required for the same.

The idea of ​​this feature is that if you are involved in a severe crash and do not respond, your iPhone will call emergency services and send them your coordinates so that you can receive help as soon as possible.

How it works is that these devices use a high dynamic range gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer, GPS, microphone, and advanced motion algorithms to detect severe malfunctions. These include frontal impacts, side impacts, rear impact collisions, and rollovers.

Once it detects a crash, the device will give you a prompt and it will continue to do a 10 second countdown, the phone will make a call to emergency services and play a recorded emergency message including the estimated location coordinates for the crash.

The device will also notify the emergency contacts the user has identified about the breakdown and if the user configures their own medical ID, the device will be able to show this information as well which can be useful to emergency service responders or anyone nearby who is looking for your information.

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The future of car safety features

Today’s cars are undoubtedly safer and with efforts like these, the biggest beneficiary is the end user. As with everything related to Apple, the inclusion of this feature will start a domino effect in the smartphone industry as other phone makers and smartwatch makers rush to include a fault detection feature in their devices.

While this technology in itself is certainly impressive, we can’t wait to see where this smartphone-car integration leads and how much safer it will become.

Sources: YouTube / TechRax, Apple

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