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This is why Tesla does not include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support

Investors are increasingly concerned Teslaperformance, but this is not surprising if we take into account the less than stellar delivery report for the third quarter of 2022. According to the report, Elon MuskThe company delivered just 343,830 vehicles to buyers in the third quarter, which is less than the 358,000 units analysts had expected. in addition to, EV was the worst performer in S&P 500 . Indexto me Bloomberg. To make matters worse, California, a market that Tesla has dominated for years, is beginning to fall in love with the EV brand.

For the first six months of the year, Tesla was the second highest-selling car brand in California. Misk company Huge 90,895 cars sold in CaliToyota ranked first with 152,838 cars sold. CleanTechnica It also highlights that Tesla Model Y It was the best-selling car in the state during the first half of 2022, and the Tesla Model 3 came in second. However, there are signs that Tesla’s supremacy in California may be ending.

according to ReutersIn the first nine months of the year, Tesla’s dominant market share in the electric car market in California He refused again. According to the latest vehicle registration data from California Energy AuthorityTesla captured 73 percent of the electric battery market in California from January to September, the lowest share since 2018. In 2021 and 2020, Tesla acquired 75 percent and 79 percent, respectively.

Given this difficult situation, one would expect Tesla to regain investor confidence and develop effective brand strategies. Without a doubt, most companies will consider how to recover lost customers and market share at this point. This would usually entail sweetening the sale and offering incentives to customers, but Tesla does not follow this tactic. Needless to say, this is going to be a great moment to present Apple CarPlay And the Android Auto, which is standard on almost all other cars. Tesla supporters will argue that Musk already has its own infotainment system, which is pretty flawless, but that doesn’t mean consumers don’t have the right to ask for more.

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This is why Tesla does not support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

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The first thing new Tesla owners will likely miss in their cars is the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but despite endless requests from customers, the car manufacturer is still refusing to integrate them. At this point, we can only speculate on the logic. The most obvious answer is that Tesla runs its own software, so there is no need to add software developed by a competitor. Also, the most requested features offered by Apple and Google are already available in Tesla, so in theory, drivers and passengers won’t miss a thing.

Not a Tesla app He brings up another important point when he states: “One of the reasons CarPlay or Android Auto is not integrated into Teslas is that these systems will break up the Tesla experience.” The website notes that while CarPlay and Android Auto work independently, “On Tesla, software features are very integrated, and the addition of CarPlay/AA will break up the seamless experience that Tesla currently offers.”

In the past, this was mentioned by Elon Musk Sees Apple as a direct competitor to Tesla. Moreover, many industry experts point out that EV is Not a car manufacturer but a technology companyWhich means that Tesla is a direct competitor to Apple and Google. Conclusion, why? Elon Musk Shot in the foot and add in-car assistance systems from competitors? Musk doesn’t seem to be the only one who thinks this is a bad idea given that other auto companies are also moving in the same direction. When Apple introduced its new CarPlay vision in WWDC 2022Journalists were quick to point out BMW was not one of the automakers that took part in the initiative.

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This is how you can use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in your Tesla car

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Michel Jabinsky, Developer working on Tesla AndroidDiscover How to Play Apple CarPlay in Tesla Model 3. Tom’s guide It reported that Gapiński was able to operate the steering wheel controls to control Apple Music. In addition, the digital publication revealed that CarPlay does not hinder other on-screen features. This is an important detail for the Model 3 because this vehicle comes without instrument cluster and all wiring data is on the center display. Tom’s guide Note that the process is complex, and that it “requires a Raspberry Pi 4 and a willingness to research the Tesla software.”

Recently, Gapiński The second version has been revealedThis version contains a step-by-step guide.

“Having gone live with an alpha release in April 2022, the current update 2022.25.1 is only version 2. It uses a Raspberry Pi in tandem with an LTE modem, a Geekworm video capture model, a Wi-Fi access point, a microHDMI to HDMI and Ethernet cable. To enable connection to the vehicle, ” motivation.

Gapiński also commented on Twitter, “This is a huge release with a lot (of) new features and bug fixes that allow 100% functional integration with CarPlay for any Tesla!”

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