The world's first foldable iPhone is here

The world’s first foldable iPhone is here

Introducing the first flip phone

The world’s leading smartphone manufacturers have been releasing foldable displays for several years now. SamsungAnd the HuaweiAnd the Motorola In particular, it has released various models with clamshell designs and bendable screens since 2020. However, the tech giant apple Not yet folded smart phone On the market, it looks like there won’t be an official foldable iPhone anytime soon.

Taking matters into his own hands, the Hong Kong-based YouTuber known as KJMX has decided to edit a Iphone In a foldable model. The recently unveiled iPhone V uses the Motorola Razr Flip smartphone hinge to integrate a curved screen and a column.

iPhone V foldable phone | All videos The first foldable iPhone iPhone flip review © KJMX

Bendable iPhone Screen Extraction

In a recently uploaded file videoIn this article, KJMX explains how he worked with a team of engineers to create the foldable model, then guides viewers through the complete modification. The YouTuber explains that in order to build a checkered iPhone with improved looks and functionality, the team had to use the iPhone X display. “To make a bendable screen, you have to disassemble it without damaging the original screen”, Then he explains.

Since the original iPhone screen is a delicate multi-layer structure, the team had to go through a lot of trial and error to successfully complete the separation process. You have to do it with the right force. It can be damaged if it isn’t right. Engineer notes from Hong Kong based team. Factors such as pressure and temperature should also be considered. After nearly five months and 37 screens, KJMX has finally managed to extract a single bendable display.

The world's first foldable iPhone is here — and it wasn't made by Apple
To complete the foldable model, the team had to use the original iPhone X screen


To design the shaft, the team turned to solutions from the big tech giants. Looking at Samsung’s bendable models, the engineers found that the foldable designs weren’t suitable for the extracted iPhone screen, so they rejected it. While examining Motorola solutions, they found the optimal design for it in the company’s model Razr, released in September 2020. Motorola’s hinge allows the screen to fold in the form of a waterdrop, which seems to be the perfect mechanism for a fragile screen. To complete the iPhone V, engineers had to rearrange the rest of the original contents, such as the motherboard and battery. The team decided to reverse the entire internal structure to incorporate components into the folded case.

The resulting model is far from perfect – there are irreparable wrinkles, gaps and bubbles, while the smartphone itself is fragile and prone to damage from excessive bending. In addition, some technical functions were hacked. Our main idea was to build a foldable iPhone for everyday use. But when we have already achieved it, we have to face another great difficulty. Many features have to go,” YouTuber posts. For example, the iPhone V can only have a 1,000mAh battery, which provides a standby time which is the shortest of any iPhone model. However, the team has technically created the first foldable iPhone, and plans to improve it in the near future. The only question that remains is whether Apple will respond with an official product.

The world's first foldable iPhone is here — and it wasn't made by Apple
Motorola hinge allows the screen to fold like a drop of water

The world's first foldable iPhone is here — and it wasn't made by Apple
Although the modified iPhone is completely closed, the screen is fragile and prone to damage due to excessive curvature

The world's first foldable iPhone is here — and it wasn't made by Apple
iPhone X screen modified for new foldable case

The world's first foldable iPhone is here — and it wasn't made by Apple
iPhone V can be folded into a sitting position

Project information:

Noun: iPhone V
Designer: KJMX

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November 10, 2022

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