The Weekly Summary: Climate Week, Federal Reserve Meeting, and Is Your Smartphone Hurting Your Wallet?

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Market Brief: 3 things to watch at this week’s Fed meeting
After a major slump week for stocks and bonds, the Fed meeting could set the tone for the rest of this year.

Special Report: On the eve of Climate Week, Patagonia founder gives company confidence in the fight against climate change
Focus on renewable energy and energy transition.

The tragic irony of investment overconfidence
How to recognize and overcome this common bias.

What is a 529 college savings plan?
Learn how a 529 plan can help pay for educational expenses.

4 ways to simplify your retirement portfolio
Retirement planning is complicated. It shouldn’t be your retirement portfolio.

7 tips from Varnosh Turabi for financial success
The personal finance expert shares her tips on making your money meaningful and spending it in mind.

What is your real inflation rate?
Calculating the personal inflation rate is a start.

Are you retiring in a bear market? Consider these strategies
Pulling markets can be intimidating for new retirees. Vanguard retirement specialist Maria Bruno shares tips on keeping your plan on track amid the turmoil.

These big chests have a big headache
When it comes to trading small stocks, these funds are in an awkward position.

Why have equity fund investors (mostly) been tight on the market trajectory this year
Did investors know that patience often pays off?

3 essential bond funds to take the sting out of a bear market
It is well worth the time to do your research on bond funds.

How was investing in private equity mutual funds?
Fund companies have adopted ownership of “unicorn companies” with mixed results.

Active Managers Earn Their Fee In These Fixed Income Markets
Classes of assets in which active management may stand a better chance.

US money flows turn positive in August but remain weak
Taxable bonds and sectoral equity funds are making a comeback.

Thematic funds are common and risky
What do you know about managing those risks?

How the Fidelity Growth Fund is navigating this market The quest for “quality of growth” helped mitigate the crisis in a big downturn.

Why are utility stocks doing so well?
Margins may be trapped between a bloated boulder and a hard-to-regulate place, but investor enthusiasm for utilities stocks hasn’t waned at all.

Lockheed Martin: Stock of the week
The arms and space sector entices with wide-ranging benefits and government support, but there are environmental, social, and institutional governance risks.

Don’t bother with growth versus value stocks, look at the demo
Why investors should focus on stock volatility rather than style.

Is Buying I Bonds Still Worth It?
Although their future returns are down, it remains an excellent deal.

Can bond funds fend off indexers?
If so, the industry leaders should do better.

future proof delivers
The new fortune conference was marked by good vibes and quality sessions.

How couples can become a financial superpower
Farnoosh Torabi shows you how to manage your relationship with money, set meaningful goals, and make your money concerns work for you.

Tim Stephen: Tax saving strategies for a falling market
Baird’s Director of Tax Planning discusses tax loss sale, Roth transfers, and new rules for inherited IRAs

Are carbon credits ready for its proximity?
We think they have potential, but design flaws limit their current reach.

Demand for oil will remain high. What should an ESG investor do?
The answer involves a lot of uncomfortable trade-offs.

Investing in Climate Action: 2 Renewable Energy Credits to Consider
These companies are preparing to take advantage of US climate legislation.

3 fund companies that meet ESG’s expectations
A sneak peek behind the guise of Morningstar ESG’s level of commitment.

Venture capital investment trends in emission reduction technologies
Two areas of climate technology are worth seeing this year.

Is your smartphone hurting the performance of your wallet?
Trading on your smartphone can affect how you invest.

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