The smartphone market suffers a fifth consecutive decline in global shipments in the third quarter of 2022, according to IDC Tracker.

Needham, Mass. – () – Worldwide smartphone shipments declined 9.7% year-on-year to 301.9 million units in Q3 2022 (Q3 22), according to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Quarterly mobile phone tracker around the world. The drop marks the largest third-quarter decline ever and the fifth consecutive quarter of decline for the smartphone market as shipments continue to struggle amid weak global demand and economic uncertainty.

“Most of the decline came from emerging markets, where lack of demand, rising costs and inflation affected consumers with lower disposable incomes,” he said. Nabila Bhopal, director of research with IDC’s Worldwide Tracker team. “With high inventory coming into the quarter, OEMs have been slashing shipments and orders in an effort to deplete inventory. Although Chinese sellers continue to struggle, all sellers, including Samsung and Apple, are affected. While Apple is the only seller to check Positive growth this quarter, however it continues to face challenges as its growth has stalled in several markets, including China, due to poor macroeconomic conditions.Looking into 2023, the expected market recovery, which we still believe will happen, will be pushed further On top of that, we now expect a sharp drop in shipments for 2022 and a smaller recovery in 2023.”

From a regional point of view, all but Central and Eastern Europe are expected to decline in Q322. The previous forecast for China should remain relatively unchanged at a drop of just over 12% for the quarter. Given the size of China, that has a huge impact on global outcomes. Developed markets like North America, Western Europe, and Japan will do somewhat better, but that still means low to medium single-digit declines. Emerging markets in Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa should see a larger double-digit decline.

“We are seeing some unique dynamics unfold around the world in terms of smartphone sales,” he said. Ryan WraithGroup Vice President with IDC’s Mobile and consumer trackers around the world. “Developed markets that often sell more premium devices do better than emerging markets where they sell smartphones at a fraction of the cost. We believe this is largely supported by the expansion of installment plans offered through carriers, retail channels, and even directly from sellers. Supports Promotional activity around trade offerings also makes this shift. However, as we look to the next year and beyond, if the global market is to grow, it will need a strong rebound in emerging markets to make that happen.”

Despite the challenging environment, sellers’ position has not changed from last quarter. Samsung took the first place with a share of 21.2%, Apple in second place with a share of 17.2%, while Xiaomi came in third place with a share of 13.4%. Vivo and OPPO ended the quarter tied* For fourth place with a share of 8.6% each. With the exception of Apple, the top sellers experienced annual declines. However, while Samsung and Xiaomi both posted single-digit drops, Vivo and OPPO both continued to suffer significant double-digit drops.

Top 5 worldwide smartphone companies and shipments, market share and growth over the year, Q3 2022 (Raw results, shipments in millions of units)

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Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, October 27, 2022


* IDC reports a statistical correlation in the worldwide smartphone market when there is a difference of 0.1% or less in revenue share or shipments between two or more vendors.

  • The data is preliminary and subject to change.

  • The company’s shipments are branded hardware shipments and exclude OEM sales for all sellers.

  • The “Company” represents the current parent company (or holding company) of all brands owned and operated as a subsidiary.

  • The numbers represent new shipments only and do not include refurbished units.

In addition to the table above, a graphic showing the market share of the top 5 smartphone companies over the previous five quarters is available by viewing this press release on

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