The September 16th edition is covered by the iPhone 14 collection

The September 16th edition is covered by the iPhone 14 collection

08/23 update below. This post was originally published on Aug 20

Apple’s new iPhones are coming soon, now we know They will cost more And arrive earlier than ever.

The last part of this image is revealed in two steps. Or not bloombergwho leaked Apple’s September 7 launch event, the second thanks to BGRwhich investigators have all worked through and confirmed the day the iPhone 14 lineup will be launched.

While the Bloomberg report contained anecdotal evidence that “some retail store employees were told to prepare for a major new product release on September 16th,” BGR analyzed Apple’s past release schedules to find a stark pattern.

Apple releases new iPhones either on Tuesday or Wednesday. In this case, it appears to be Wednesday, September 7th,” according to Chris Smith, a senior writer at BGR. After that, pre-orders start on the first Friday after the event. It’s September 9th. The release comes exactly a week after orders. Pre-orders … Apple will ship pre-orders on the second Friday and sales will begin in stores worldwide.”

This time frame marks the first joint iPhone launch (tied with the iPhone 7), since Apple moved releases to the fall, more than a decade ago. That’s quite a surprise, given the ongoing global chip shortage, which has hit tech companies around the world and pushed iPhone 12 and 13 releases into October.

Update 08/22: Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has leaked more information about the iPhone 14 launch in his latest build PowerOn newsletter. In it, Gurman doubles down on his previous reporting as well as research support from BGR.

As I reported last week, the company plans to announce the iPhone 14 at an event on September 7th. “This will be the first iPhone launch since 2016 and will be followed by the new device going on sale on September 16th – about a week earlier than last year’s schedule.”

This is “an unusual day for Apple product launches,” notes Gurman, as the company has historically preferred Tuesday events. He speculates that this is due to Labor Day, “because the press and other guests will need a travel day after Monday off.”

According to Gorman, the earlier timing would provide more space between the planned October event for the new iPads and Macs. The company will also give an additional week to iPhone 14 sales in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.

“Another week of iPhone 14 sales should help the company easily beat last year’s $83 billion mark (in fact, analysts are already forecasting revenue of around $89 billion),” he explains.

Update 08/23: Additional iPhone 14 release dates have been leaked thanks to supply analyst Ross Young, one of the industry’s most accurate sources. Spread To his super-followers on Twitter, Young revealed:

iPhone 14 Pro Max has the highest share of panel production and shipments with a share of 29% and 28%, respectively. 14 Max has the smallest share with 21% of production and 19% of shipments. It is expected to constitute a great deal of success in September.”

The last part of this information is the most interesting. The iPhone 14 Max is widely tipped to be the most popular new model (I agree with this), but producing it has proven to be the most difficult. Last month, Young described its component shipments as “Too late in the month of August”, With Pro charges 3x higher.

So the shift to a 21% share is a huge improvement, and Young’s comments that iPhone 14 Max production “will lay a lot of ground in September” suggest that wait times may not be as long as initially feared.

I still expect a shortage of iPhone 14 Max at launch and for the first 6-8 weeks. So if you’re planning on snapping up Apple’s first (relatively speaking) 6.7-inch iPhone, I’d suggest you move quickly once pre-orders open on September 9th.

Moreover, with the expected price of the iPhone 14 Pro models Up by at least $100 Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, the temptation will be to buy the much more expensive Pro model if you miss it. So be prepared.

Why is Apple stepping things up? TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has Explanation:

“The risk of a global recession is still increasing and unpredictable, so announcing/shipping the iPhone as early as possible may reduce the impact of the risk of a recession on demand.” chirp. “This may be one of the reasons why Apple gave a positive outlook for the third quarter of the second quarter from its most recent earnings call.”

This makes sense, especially when few competitors can match Apple’s impressive supply chain. However, there is likely to be one casualty in Apple’s ambitious timeline: the iPhone 14 Max.

Apple’s cheaper version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is said to be “Late” schedule, with limited stock for several months. So if you decide that Apple’s cheapest large-screen smartphone is the model for you, get ready to move fast when pre-orders open on September 9th.


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