The secret of the Pixel 7 Pro's fingerprint, the success of Android in North Korea, the big improvement of the Surface Duo

The secret of the Pixel 7 Pro’s fingerprint, the success of Android in North Korea, the big improvement of the Surface Duo

Taking a look at seven days of news and headlines across the Android world, this week’s Android Circuit includes a look at North Korean Android smartphones, the Pixel 7 Pro defies competition and battles fingerprint reader issues, Pixel 6a sales success, new expert modes Camera for Samsung Galaxy Users Nothing’s Ear (Stick) Launched, Android 12L Improves Surface Duo, What are the developments for your future phone?

Android Circuit is here to remind you of some of the many things that have happened around Android in the past week (You can find our weekly Apple news summary here).

The brave new world of North Korean smartphones

We start this week with something a little different as the Android Police team explores the world of Android smartphones in North Korea. There are no names we are familiar with. Instead of mobile phones from Samsung, Google and Apple, you have brands like Arirang, Jindallae, and Phurunhanul. What do they offer?

“North Korean smartphones are almost disappointing in their thinness. They are cheap copies of popular devices. The unique thing about them is the complete lack of privacy. Take a moment to appreciate your freedoms, and check your digital privacy.”

(Android Police).

Pixel 7 Pro takes other firsts

This year’s “Main Contestants” shook it down to three contenders. Naturally, Apple will be the sole manufacturer of iOS. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy has to take on the challenge of Google Pixel phones. How does the new baby compare? The price and camera quality are best in class, but is that enough compared to the iPhone and Galaxy? There are areas where it falls, most notably in battery life:

“Battery life is noticeably worse than in the current iPhone, and the Galaxy will probably give you a longer life as well. Neither Apple nor Samsung are the industry leaders in charging speed, but Google has become an industry…trailer? Two hours for a full charge can shift to a de facto problem in daily use, we think. And then, despite all the flow on Pixel cameras, there is potential for improvement here or there as well.”

(GSM circuit).

Pixel Safe Screen Protector List

Google subtly highlights issues with fingerprint readers in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 families. In short, “using screen protectors that definitely work” also identifies “a lot of screen protectors causing problems.”

If your fingerprint is not scanned, it could be due to your screen protector. Make sure you use a Google approved screen protector. Google approved brands for Pixel 6 and newer phones are Bigben, BodyGuardz, Case-Mate, OtterBox, Panzerglass, Power Support and ZAGG.”

(Google support).

The real star is the Pixel 6a

With that said, there’s also good news on the Pixel front. Sales of new Google phones went strong after its launch, but the more cost-effective Pixel 6a — which features the first powerful Tensor Mobile chipset — is the biggest sales hitter:

“Hardware seems to have played a significant role in that. While all of our attention lately has been on the shiny new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the rise in Q3 sales actually reflects the success of the slightly older and cheaper Pixel 6a. The aforementioned growth in hardware revenue came in from Mainly from Pixel 6a sales.

(Trusted Reviews).

New Samsung photos for experts

Images are still one of the main areas where smartphone manufacturers can distinguish themselves. Samsung puts many technical features in the “Expert RAW” camera app. And this week I picked up an update that includes a long-term astronomy situation:

“The camera then uses advanced AI algorithms to use multi-segmentation and multi-frame processing to capture shots that look like they were taken with more expensive and more expensive camera equipment. The new app also offers the Multi-Exposure feature, which allows users to take multiple shots of the same scene and then overlay them over the each other, which results in distinct images.”


Nothing finds something new for your ears

Nothing Tech has launched its second set of earbuds. The Nothing Ear (Stick) will sit next to the Ear (1) that was launched last year. The Ear (Stick) is missing active noise cancellation and a convenient ear design but is $50 cheaper:

As the alternative to the earbuds (1) released last year, the (stick) earbuds are an entry-level model that offers some design changes and great battery life metrics. The ear(1) of an AirPod-like “half-in-the-ear” design sits right in your ear this time around. Each earbud weighs only 4.4 grams.”


Android 12L arrives on Surface Duo

Microsoft’s Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 picked up a significant update this week with the platform’s move to Android 12L, Google’s fork of its flagship Android line that brings more support for foldable and dual-screen devices.

“Until now, Gmail was only usable on one screen of Duo; once you went to the two screens, the app wasn’t aware of the central divide, cutting out some text and putting some text on a small piece of the left screen. Now you can extend Gmail on two screens. , and the icon – which is hooked to the Android display code – will respond to its environment and put all navigation on the left side and all content on the right side.”



What will come next? Smartphones keep adding features and technologies, so what will drive the future? An entertaining and lively discussion on Reddit attempts to answer this challenge:

“I just came across a post 5 years ago asking people what they think will be the revolutionary features that will become standard after 5 years. I found it very interesting to read the answers after 5 years, and I thought it would be cool to do so v2. Here we are: what The revolutionary new phone technology that you think will become a standard in 5 years?”


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