The Most Annoying iOS 16 Issues on Your iPhone and How to Fix Them

The most annoying iOS 16 issues on your iPhone and how to fix them « iOS and iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

iOS 16 update for iPhone has many new and exciting options, most of which improve the overall user experience. Some features and changes fix frustrating issues from iOS 15 and earlier, and some of these “fixes” can seem annoying if you’re used to doing things a certain way.

Fortunately, many of the upgrades can be set easily or quickly go back to what they were in iOS 15, thanks to several customization options that weren’t there before. So you can turn off some of the things that prevent you from fully enjoying your iPhone. It only takes a few seconds, and you’ll forget the annoying features were there at all!

1. Prevent the side button from ending calls

In iOS 15.7 and earlier, pressing the side button on your iPhone will instantly end a phone call or FaceTime whether or not you want to end the call. The same issue applies to voice calls in third-party apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Voice, and WhatsApp.

With Android, pressing the lock button will lock the screen and prevent you from accidentally touching the buttons with your face. So you might have found yourself ending calls prematurely after switching to iPhone if you used to click that button.

Apple is fixing this issue on iOS 16. You can finally Reprogram the side button to lock the screen only – not hang up. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch, then toggle on “Prevent Lock to End Call”.

2. Turn off Special Photos and Memories

If you don’t want Apple to show you your featured photos and files Memories via your iPhone, there is now a way to disable it.

Featured photos and memories can be a nice way to remember events, but sometimes they are so personal, or you just don’t want to see them for whatever reason. To turn them off on iOS 16, go to Settings -> Photos, then turn off Show Featured Content. When enabled, it automatically allows featured photos and memories to appear on your iPhone in places like For You, Photo Search and Home screen widgets. Before iOS 16, it was always on, and you can’t turn it off.

3. Show or hide battery percentage for status bar

while the The battery percentage option in the status bar remained an option on Touch ID models, and Apple removed it when it introduced Face ID, but iOS 16 finally brought it back. Unlike Touch ID models, iPhones with Face ID have numbers inside the battery icon, not next to it.

However, there is a slight design problem: when turned on, you can see the battery percentage in numbers, but the battery icon appears like the battery is full even when it’s not. It can fool you that your battery is full even if it is almost empty if you ignore the numbers. You can see what I mean in the middle screenshot below.

If you are among the users who have lost battery percentage in the status bar, go to Settings -> Battery and then switch to Battery Percentage. If you are more annoyed by the battery icon showing full when it isn’t, you can turn it off or update your iPhone to iOS 16.1, which fixes the problem (right screenshot below). Either way, you can always see the classic style battery percentage by dragging the Control Center down (swipe down from the top right of the screen).

Battery percentage is off (left) and enabled on iOS 16.0 (middle) and iOS 16.1 (right).

4. Remove the new search button on your home screen

New search button located in a file The home screen has mixed reviews. While some find it convenient, others think it is redundant. It does exactly the same thing as swiping down from anywhere on the home screen. It’s also there where you can accidentally click on it, and if you do, it requires a few clicks and swipes to get back if you don’t intend to search for anything.

On the other hand, many iPhone users didn’t even know that it was possible to scroll down to access the search, so it makes sense to have a visual option for that somewhere on the screen.

If you want to remove it and keep scrolling down to search your iPhone, go to Settings -> Home Screen and then turn off Show on Home Screen under Search.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jovana Naumovski / Gadget Hacks

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