Top end Apple iPhone 15 smartphone to feature 8K video recording and use Periscope Camera

The high-end Apple iPhone 15 smartphone features 8K video recording and Periscope camera

The high-end Apple iPhone 15 smartphone features 8K video recording and Periscope camera
Image credits: The Economic Times

Recently, we saw the Cupertino giant, Apple launch a new lineup of Apple iPhone devices including the Apple iPhone 14 series. Apple introduced a lot of new features and specifications this year, and with this the giant managed to grab the attention of many users which helped in increasing the number of sales These iPhones.

After the launch of these iPhone 14 models, there have already been a lot of new leaks and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 15 model for next year.

Although there is only another year left to see these iPhone 15 models make their way to launch, we already have the Cupertino giant working in advance for upcoming iPhone models in the future.

If we look at the latest leaks, we have speculations that for next year’s iPhone 15 models, we’ll see four different models just as much as this year’s.

Speaking more about these new iPhones, we have reports claiming that the highest variant among all of these variants will be the iPhone 15 Pro Max or perhaps called the iPhone 15 Ultra. Periscope viewfinder on the back side. Let’s take a deep look at what the upcoming iPhones have to offer:

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra with 8K recording and Periscope lens

So as we mentioned above, we have reports claiming that we will see the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Ultra (Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max) that will get support for 8K video recording as well as a Periscope lens as well.

Why Apple iPhone 15 Ultra instead of iPhone 15 Pro Max?

We’ve already covered an article regarding Apple considering renaming its iPhone 15 models where we’ll see the top variant usually launched under the ‘Pro Max’ name likely to be replaced by the Ultra variant.

Link these leaks from another new leak released by the famous Apple, Mark Gurman where it was said that the iPhone 15 models will include four different models including two standard models where we will see the regular iPhone 15 and then the iPhone 15 Plus and we will also see Pro models with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra.

Adding more details to this! We have claims by Mark Gurman that there will be a different set of upgrades announced for this upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Ultra smartphone that includes 8K video recording features. However, this capability will be offered with the A17 Bionic chipset that will be manufactured in the 3Nm manufacturing process.

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra with Periscope Lens

Now talking about the new Persicope lens, we will see the iPhone 15 Ultra featuring a Periscope lens mechanism on the back side. With these new leaks, we will be able to see this smartphone has 5x or 6x optical zoom. Also, we have leaks claiming that we will see Apple switch towards a USB Type-C port over the Lightning port.

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