The disruptive camera phone that promises to beat the iPhone and Galaxy is now official: meet the Vivo X90 Pro Plus

The disruptive camera phone that promises to beat the iPhone and Galaxy is now official: meet the Vivo X90 Pro Plus

Not all heroes wear hoodies, and not all great camera phones are Samsung, Apple, or Google branded.

The main star of the show is a 1-inch Sony main sensor, much larger than what you get iPhone 14 Pro Max or Galaxy S22 Ultra. Just look at that single digit of the new sensor: It has a 77% larger sensitive area than the 1/1.3″ sensor found on the previous device (and on most other flagships).

Vivo X90 Pro Plus Camera

1-inch main camera and an impressive periscope lens that gives you up to 100X zoom

And although Vivo is not the first company to use this sensor, it has perfected it, so much so that the company has the confidence to say that this camera is the “The King of One Inch Sensors”.

This main camera comes with a fast f / 1.75 lens, which increases the amount of light that reaches the sensor, in addition to Vivo using a special lens coating with Zeiss T * technology that reduces flare and ghosting. The company says the lens has a very high Abbe rating, which is a measure of light scattering. The higher the number, the better, and in the case of the Vivo X90 Pro Plus, it’s 81.6, while a typical plastic lens is usually rated at around 30.

In addition to the star of the super main sensor, you also have not one telephoto camera, but two. The first lens is rather unique: it’s a 50mm f/1.6 fixed-focus portrait lens, and those who value portrait photography will really appreciate this “neat fifty” lens.

The second is a periscope style 3.5X zoom lens with a 64MP sensor. Vivo uses some software magic and supports up to 100X digital zoom. Vivo is not the first to have such a camera, we were very impressed with the 3.5X camera on the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, which also goes up to 100X, so we are very hopeful that this camera will be better.

All cameras except the ultra-wide camera come with optical image stabilization (OIS), which is especially useful on zoom lenses.

In its list of super cameras, Vivo lists the following:

  • Mobile astrophotography
  • Mini Blur mode for tilt and shift
  • Horizon correction for shooting skyscrapers and tall buildings
  • Image mode lens flare
  • Freeze subjects in low light

Of course, we can talk a lot about the features, but here are some camera samples that Vivo showed the media to show what this new phone can really do:

Crystal clear details at night, incredible dynamic range, exhilarating tones. Our color is impressed.

Finally, we have a fourth wide-angle camera with an improved lens to reduce distortions. This device uses a 48MP Sony IMX598 sensor and comes with a field of view of 114 degrees.

Vivo X90 Pro Plus for video

Sweet 8K video

Besides 4K video, you can also record 8K video at 30fps on the X90 Pro Plus. It supports gray card color calibration, so you get exactly the same white balance. You can also choose between the Zeiss Natural Video 2.0 mode or the more saturated Vivo Vivid Color mode.

You also have Dolby Vision and LOG support, and you can capture photos at 10fps while recording videos.

All this camera talk might fool you into thinking the Vivo X90 Pro Plus hasn’t prioritized other areas of the experience, but that would be a wrong assumption.

Vivo X90 Pro Plus: Main article

It’s packed to the gills with the latest hardware and deserves its flagship spot in Vivo’s lineup.

The phone comes with a gorgeous 6.78-inch OLED screen and a resolution of 1440p with a dynamic refresh rate of 120Hz thanks to LTPO technology. It’s also super bright, at 1,800 nits, and it all weighs 221 grams, or slightly lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro. the above.

Under the hood, you get the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, but this may depend on the market.

It’s all well protected with a rugged build and an IP68 rating for protection against water and dust.

For biometrics, Vivo brings back the huge, dazzling Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max in-display fingerprint scanner.

Powering the display is a 4,700mAh battery, with support for 80W wired charging and 50W wireless charging. Those speeds are absolutely insane, and with the charger inside the box, a full charge will only take 33 minutes.

Vivo X90 Pro Plus specifications

Vivo X90 Pro Plus will be released for the first time in China with MediaTek chip. Pre-sale in China begins on November 28th and the launch date is set for December 6th. Vivo hasn’t said when or if the rest of the world will get this phone, but it’s likely that it will arrive in other countries at a later date (and the international model will likely run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2).

The price is top-notch but not insanely high: the base model with 12GB + 256GB storage retails for around $910 (or CNY 6,500), while the boosted model with 12GB + 512GB storage goes for About 980 dollars (or 7,000 yuan).

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