The best Windows laptops...and other small business tech news this week

The best Windows laptops…and other small business tech news this week

Here are five things in technology that happened last week and how they affected your business. Did you miss them?

1 – These are the best Windows laptops of 2022, according to the editorial team at Engadget.

The editorial team at tech news and review site Engadget recently released their picks for the best Windows laptops of the year. Top picks include the Acer Aspire 5 Series ($460 at Adorama) for display, processing, and storage, the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 ($485 at Walmart) chosen for portability and long battery life, and the Surface Laptop Go 2 (starting at $600) for its lightweight design and ports Multiple USB and more. (source: Engadget)

Why this is important to your business:

How long do you keep laptops? My timeline is three years and then I replace it, no matter how things work. That’s because I know that after three years you’re living on the house money. And it’s basically guaranteed that when your device crashes, it will screw up at the exact wrong time. The above options from Engadget may be “cheap” but few of them are fully capable of handling the workload on you or your employees for that period of time.

2 – Startup Ambi Robotics gets $32 million to deploy its robots to sort items in warehouses.

Supply Chain Automation Devices Startup Ambi Robotics It recently announced that it has raised $32 million. The new funding comes shortly after the startup received another $23 million.. The CEO shared that the new funding will be used to help grow operations, support customers and engineering teams, as well as deploy and install technology in an effort to expand the company’s product portfolio. (source: technology crisis)

Why this is important to your business:

Factory automation continues to increase productivity and shrink payrolls, and offerings from companies like Ambi are becoming more affordable for even the smallest of businesses. Ambi products, such as AmbiSort, are by company“An integrated solution that combines automated selection, item analysis, and quality control with a ‘soft-touch’ final effect that sorts boxes, flats, plastic bags and other deformable or hard items.”

3- RC Mowers has introduced the autonomous mowing robot that addresses the long-term labor challenges of the landscaping industry.

A leading company in the field of automatic mowers – RC mowers – Last week it announced that it has launched a fleet of autonomous mowing robots. The new line will help landscaping contractors reduce business requirements and help grow their business, all while managing fewer employees and improving overall mowing profitability. (source: Yahoo Finance)

Why this is important to your business:

While we’re still talking about robotics, I couldn’t resist including this news because it’s not the production ground that takes advantage of robotic technology. As stand-alone mowers like those made by RC Mowers become more affordable, I would expect to see countless landscapers and contractors using these machines instead of hiring workers they couldn’t find anyway. Want to see how they work? paying off this video.

4 – Get ready for the next big event in Mac and iPad Pro.

Recent reports have revealed that Apple is planning to introduce new iPads and Macs that feature a version of the company’s new M2 processing chip. (source: computer world)

Why this is important to your business:

Mac users are getting ready. The new processor is likely to result in iPads with more capabilities than previous iPad Pros and higher overall performance. The new devices will include updated versions of both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which are due to be released next month. Well…maybe not wait three years for your next upgrade?

5 – Square has added specialized commerce tools to its retail and appointments terminal.

Square is launching two new commerce features at the Square Terminal. (source: Payments)

Why this is important to your business:

The company says the new features will help simplify the process for online merchants to sell their services and products around the world. The new features — known as Square Appointments and Square for Retail — will enable businesses to process customer purchases almost anywhere, allowing sellers to navigate customer demand from more locations. “Square for Retail on Square Terminal has helped me simplify and condense everything so I can use all the features I need on one device,” the Alabama gift shop owner told Pymnts. “I use Square Terminal as an additional payment method to make sure I’m giving my customers a great experience anywhere, whether I’m selling at my traditional store or at local markets on the go.”

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