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The best upcoming Android games to be released in 2022

We’ve already seen some headlines drop, taking our newly purchased Android phone for a ride in 2022, the arrival of games like Apex Legends Mobile in May, and the much-anticipated release of Diablo Immortal directly following it. The hype has matched the financial success that both games have experienced since their launch. But this does not mean that 2022 is over. There are still plenty of interesting games scheduled to be released this year. However, we still have plenty of room to sneak into our list of best Android games before the end of the year. Let’s dig!


rainbow six mobile

Rainbow Six Mobile features the popular tactical FPS gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege in a compact form; It is a 5v5 hero shooter where you will face game modes like protection and bombs, which put you in a position to play strategically with your team.

So far, Rainbow Six Mobile has undergone alpha testing and recently launched a closed beta for select countries. Ubisoft confirmed a 2022 release window for Android and iOS; Pre-registration is already on the Play Store. If you pre-register now, you may still be able to enter the closed beta test!

Torchlight: Infinite

You may have found yourself loving the polished gameplay of Diablo Immortal but don’t imagine spending your money to prepare for the end game. Fortunately, another competing RPG is making its way to Android very soon. The development team behind Torchlight: Infinite Recently shot by David Breivik, the creator of Diablo, to oversee all products related to this title; So if you prefer customization trees, hero classes, and hacking/slashing waves of enemies on the map, you might want to keep an eye out for Torchlight: Infinite. The game has undergone some closed beta testing, including the launch of a new beta client for PC. The full release is set for 2022, and you can pre-register now on the Play Store to get the action started early with an open beta test on October 12th.

Harry Potter: The Magic Awakened

It has been a bumpy ride for Harry Potter fans as it has covered many games in the Harry Potter world that either take a lot of creative liberties or leave you with only half-baked gameplay. But it looks like the pattern will finally come to an end now that we have some promising possibilities on the horizon: an open-world console/PC RPG title, Hogwarts Legacy, set in 2023, and an online mobile card-fighting RPG, Harry Potter: Awakened Magic, we headed On our way this year. The online mobile card fighting RPG is currently available in select countries in Asia and has been received positively since its launch praising the game for its polished gameplay and great visuals. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened launched globally in 2022; You can pre-register now on the Play Store.

Marvel Snap

Another soon-to-be-released trading card game is from the previous flagship game Hearthstone. In this game, you can assemble a team using your favorite villains and heroes from the Marvel universe; Matches are set to last only a few minutes and run in real time, with the goal of being the fastest 1v1 card warrior on the market, perfect for mobile players looking to get in and out of their playing sessions. It is said that more than 150 cards are available at launch, and only 12 cards are needed to form a deck; Expect to see further growth on cards/decks in seasonal updates. The official release is October 18, and pre-registrations are open on the Play Store.

Battlefield Mobile

EA Mobile is bringing Battlefied to Android this year. It will be free to play, but EA Mobile confirms that in-app purchases are limited to cosmetics. Veteran Battlefield players will be treated to new and familiar content with Battlefield Mobile. The base Conquest mode is already confirmed, but we’ll have plenty of game modes from previous Battlefield games making their way to this version, including new exclusives made for mobile; There are plenty of weapon customizations available and a few character classes to choose from, such as medic and recon. You can’t pre-register just yet, but test opportunities may appear for your area, so stay tuned.

Arclight rumble cans

You will feel right at home with Warcraft Rumble Arclight if you are already familiar with the mechanics of Clash Royale; You are basically collecting, building and operating an army of Warcraft Minis for tactical tower defense gameplay. It focuses heavily on single-player content, excluding any form of competitive play, but as you progress through the stages, you’ll face challenges that will test your wits and the strength of your army. So expect this title to keep you busy for some time. So far, the game has undergone some beta testing and is currently open for pre-registration; There’s no firm release date yet, but Blizzard plans to try to get the full release by the end of 2022.

little nightmares

In the middle of this year, we got the surprising news that the popular puzzle platformer horror game is making its way to mobile. Little Nightmares won Best Indie Game of 2016 at Gamescom and spawned the acclaimed Little Nightmares II sequel a few years later. Note that this is not the mobile debut of the popular Cute and Weird game series. We got the previous series, Very Little Nightmares, on Android in 2019. But now it looks like we’re getting the full port of Little Nightmare from the console and PC version. Slated to launch in the winter of 2022, it’s not that far off.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Ever

Square Enix isn’t finished with Final Fantasy VII yet; It’s fully committed to unleashing the full experience of Final Fantasy VII through reruns and enhancements, but this time around, you can get the full story of Final Fantasy VII on mobile. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis recounts all the events in Final Fantasy VII by taking pages from every title associated with Final Fantasy VII, including Dirge of Cerberus, Before Crisis (a Japanese mobile game), Crisis Core, and Advent Children (Movie) ). According to Square Enix, the story unfolds through episodic installments as a single player experience; The first installment is scheduled to be released by the end of 2022.

2022 is not over yet

Even after more than half a year has passed in the blink of an eye, 2022 is far from over. We still have a lot of Android titles on our way before 2023. So it’s a good idea to check out some of the games that pique your interest early on, especially if you’re looking to play the most exciting contenders for the best games on Android in 2023.

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