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The best new mobile games on Android this week

If you haven’t been keeping up with this week’s best new mobile games, don’t worry. We’ve searched high and low for the latest additions to the mobile gaming world. This has been an exciting week of brand new games. Below, you’ll find our handpicked picks from this week – we think you’ll love them!

Every week we’ll report on new games and highlight games you might have missed. The best new mobile games this week are Archeland, Path of Ra, Airship Knights, Talking Tom Time Rush and Art of Fighting 2. All of them are amazing games each with their own style of play.

Archland (South Korea)

Archeland is a completely new strategy RPG for mobile users. As of now, it is only available in South Korea, with the official launch taking place on December 6, 2022. It may take some time until we can get our hands on it ourselves. If you’re familiar with Langrisser, Zlong, you’ll be happy to know that the developers are behind Archeland.

When the game starts, you find yourself in the Orcarium, which is a historical destination. Story-wise, it focuses on a character named Avya. She is the princess of the holy city of Pharos, but she suffers from a curse. Dragon scales spread across her body – a real detriment to her health. Avia sets out on a journey with a group of adventurers to save her beloved city from danger.

In combat terms, it is a typical turn-based RPG. Collect a variety of characters as you assemble a powerful team, with specific tank, healer and DPS.

The only way we can play Archeland at the moment is to use a VPN and set it to Korea. Once you do that, check out the game google apps.

Ra’s way

If you are a fan of Egyptian history, you will love this one. Unite with the spirit of Pharaoh as you take part in this fun puzzle game. In fact, the pharaoh was embodied in the hieroglyphs on his tomb. The main mechanism in the game is to move and rotate the tiles. Recreate the ancient murals, and find the way out for the pharaoh.

As you progress through each puzzle, you will discover more about the life of the pharaoh with some fascinating scenes. Find out his history and find out exactly how he met his death. At the moment there are 60 levels to play through – we’ll keep an eye out if any new levels arrive in the future.

Interested in The Way of Ra? Download now from google apps.

martial art 2

This one is retro for you. The original Art of Fighting 2 was first released back in 1994. Now with this shiny new mobile port, a whole new audience can experience the game. Choose from 12 fighters to use in the King of Fighters ultimate fighting tournament. With a recovery system, as well as a unique Rage Gauge, it’s worth a try.

The rage meter is a mechanic that limits the use of special attacks, as well as their effectiveness. While it may sound annoying, it adds an extra sense of challenge to every fight.

Are you a fan of retro fighting games? Check out the game google apps.

Talking Tom Tom Rush

The popular icon, Talking Tom is back! The new installment features Tom, Hank, Becca, Ginger, Angela and Ben. They seem to have found a mysterious Magic Gate, but the Raccoons decide to appear.

Raccoons steal your crystals and suddenly disappear into another world. Tom and the rest of the gang continue to explore a variety of new worlds, with plenty of unique areas to explore. Use power-ups to enhance your running session, followed by collecting a set of new outfits.

Are you ready to delve into the world of Talking Tom? Download now from google apps.

Balloon Knights

Explore a steampunk-inspired world in the all-new gacha idle game. Collect a variety of characters as you master the art of AFK combat. The game is completely set in the sky on a zeppelin. Take part in battles with the assembled team of knights – upgrade your characters and airship to become stronger.

While Airship Knights is your typical idle game, it definitely takes a turn when it comes to the overall aesthetic. Your airship also has 6 cabins for maintenance, including the engine room, cleanroom and control room.

If Airship Knights catches your eye, check out the game google apps.

So, these are the top 5 handpicked new mobile games this week, what do you think? Will any of them try out? Our personal favorite is Airship Knights – it’s a great gacha game. If you like gacha games, like us, then take a look List of classes of balloon ridersAnd the List of Captor Clash classesand us Touhou Lost Word Level menu.

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