The best new Android games this week

The best new Android games this week

Another help for all the new games for you? Well, there you are: a brand new list of the best Android games this week! That’s right, we won’t be stopping this anytime soon!

As always, if we’ve missed a particularly hot new release, let us know in the comments below! On the other hand, you can keep it to yourself, but that would be rather harsh!

Best New Android Games: Setting

A brand new exercise game on Android, Fitment is one of the best fitness games we’ve ever played. Designed to ease getting back into your workout regimen, rather than drowning you in the deep end, Fitment is one of the coolest and most amazing workout games out there.

Unlike other workout apps, Fitment is a game first. You will have a number of virtual pets to take care of, and you can help them with exercise. Reaching milestones earns rewards like clothes for your pets or furniture to decorate their home.

Currently, the game is in early access. However, we can imagine that this game turns out to be really cool when it is actually released. But we still recommend it at this early stage!

If you want to try this game, download it right over here!

loose nozzles

A great free game created by a veteran game developer and his young son, Loose Nozzles is a great little mobile game. A puzzle game based on physics, you will have to control a missile to its destination.

In the game, you can control a missile using only two buttons: Left Thruster and Right Thruster. With these two buttons, you will navigate through your levels to save the colonists in danger. Can you save them all?

You will be able to play through 25 levels, each one more stressful than the previous one. If you’re really good, you could end up at the top of the leaderboards. We will not be there to meet you. We are not that good.

As a labor of love, Loose Nozzles app is the perfect free time on your phone. Download it properly over here!

scrap divers

Scrap Divers is a classic style mobile game that’s everything we love about the platform. Free and simple game that is easy to learn but hard to master; You play Scrap Divers as a robot that falls into a treacherous pit.

In the game, you will fall down a hole, avoiding obstacles like pipes, buzzing saws and huge trees in a mind-boggling chasm. You can take a number of small hits on your way down, removing your robotic limbs. If you find one, the repair tool can fix you back up!

During your trips down the hole, you will collect coins. These coins will allow you to unlock different bots with different rewards including more power or slower fall speeds.

Scrap Divers is a free game, but you can pay a small fee to remove ads. If you do not wish to do so, the ads are not too intrusive. Download the game over here!

My God W: The Perfect Wonderland

Definitely the most ambitious game on this list, Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is the best new MMORPG on Android this week. By this we mean that he is the only one!

In Divine W, you will explore a huge fantasy world measuring 60,000 square inches. According to the game description, you will be able to make sweeping changes to the world as you move through the game’s story.

To be honest, we haven’t played a lot of Divine W, but it seems like a lot of fun. However, as with any MMO, we don’t know if it will still be fun for dozens of hours.

However, if you want to take a look at the game, you can check it out over here.

hook up girls

At the bottom of our list we have Girls Connect, a game designed for a specific group of people. As the only gacha game released this week, Girls Connect can be considered the best…but only for that reason.

In the game, you will collect more than 70 girls from anime to lead the battles of the idle game. With these “heroines” you will be able to create the “strongest girls’ legion”, whatever that may mean.

Girls Connect is so focused on the ladies they collect, that the entire mechanics are dedicated to maximizing intimacy. If this is your bag, you can get it just right over here.

These are the best Android games this week

Welp, there you are! These are the best new Android games this week, at least the ones we found! It’s a pretty poor week for massive releases, but some of the smaller titles are totally worth your time.

Don’t forget to let us know about any games we missed in the comments below. We are always looking for new games!

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