Old Samsung Flagship Smartphone Batteries Have Started Swelling to the Point That the Back Panel Gets Removed From the Body

The batteries of old Samsung flagship smartphones are starting to swell to the point where the back panel is removed from the body

If you have an old Samsung flagship phone lying around and notice that its battery has started to swell, you are not alone. A YouTuber discovered that this behavior affects the previous generation phones launched by the Korean giant, and it is a cause for concern. Here is what happens.

Currently, older smartphone models made by other brands do not have any “battery bulge” issues.

The Galaxy Note 8 belonging to UK-based YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss had a swollen battery, and the cell had expanded to the point where the rear glass panel separated itself from the rest of the chassis. Aaron Maine, the mastermind behind the video, thought it was an isolated issue at first and could happen to anyone, so he decided to order himself a new phone.

By the time the new model arrived, two other Samsung-branded smartphones suffered from the exact same problem; The Galaxy S6 from 2015, followed by the Galaxy S10 launched in 2019. Arun tried to deduce the culprit and, after careful consideration, thought that because the UK had experienced a heat wave, the rise in ambient temperature might have caused it. However, why did this heat wave affect only Samsung smartphones, while the batteries in other devices from different companies retained their original form?

It is possible that the batteries in Samsung phones are susceptible to this temperature change, but why?

Samsung responds to the problem of swollen batteries, not in a positive light

Soon, a YouTuber tweeted his discovery, only to be met with emails from a company representative who was insistent that the affected devices be shipped to Samsung for closer examination. The emails were exchanged on August 1, and it has been more than 50 days since Aaron received a positive development or response from the tech giant.

He only decided to make a video when he noticed that others had the same problem and only from Samsung smartphones. It is interesting to note that foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 are also on this long list. It’s shocking to hear because customers who pay the highest price for these phones will be pissed off to see such condition after two years of use.

Mrwhosetheboss has decided to confirm these cases with another popular YouTube technology, MKBHD, which also says that apart from Samsung, no other phone from any other company appears to exhibit this behaviour. After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, it was assumed that Samsung would go the extra mile to ensure the same history would not repeat itself. While smartphones rarely explode, this new controversy is sure to land Samsung in hot water.

Why does this happen?

Communicating with another YouTuber, Zach from JerryRigEverything, Aaron discovered that battery electrolytes degrade and release a gaseous substance. This seems to be a Samsung QC issue when it shouldn’t because the label on the batteries that run in every smartphone clearly states that the cell will function flawlessly for five years without showing any signs of any spikes, swelling, or any physical changes .

The iFixit article on swollen smartphone batteries has text in bold stating that this can lead to a violent explosion and cause irreparable damage to the owner or his property. We have yet to hear what Samsung thinks of things and whether or not this might worsen the batteries over time. If you currently own any Galaxy phone, and if you notice that the confined area is starting to expand, it may be wise to choose another phone as a backup, at least for now.

You can check out more details from Arun in the video below.

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