The mobile gaming industry moves on and on, and the use becomes increasingly popular. This frightens anyone, but instead, one rejoices. Here you understand both sides. In the case of smartphone makers, who is certainly in the dark, so this is even good. There are many [] other people.

Test your Infinix NOTE 12 PRO 4G smartphone

Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular among users. This scares the other, but there’s a good chance everyone will rejoice, so you can understand both sides. But the smartphone industry definitely has its sleeve up, in which case the cost is even better. There is a lot of competition. Each of them wants to bring their most affordable, most important and most powerful device to the world of smartphones.

This time, a new phone called Infinix NOTE 12 PRO 4G has hit the table, which has something to offer users. In this review, we examine all the features, benefits, and benefits of the new device.

Assembly and equipment.

In the past, it was worth starting with the package and delivery kit. The smartphone comes in white boxes, so large that they contain icons and a chassis. The kit includes a charger that includes a detachable block and cable, a branded silicone case, a key to unlock the SIM card slot and the drive.

The design is in the eye: narrow corners, matte plastic on the back panel and a massive three-frame unit for the camera on a glossy background. It is good that most manufacturers are trying to stand out from the crowd. Infinix is ​​not the only exception. The phone itself feels very nice in the hands. Touch is a product of some sort, but it’s not a standard, so it doesn’t mean it’s overly expensive. There is not even a backlash and bruise.

I loved the hefty weight of my phone. The phone is lighter than the POCO phone from Xiaomi in the same price range. That is why it does not get tired while gaming for long periods or surfing the Internet.

The only annoying factor is the full protective glass. It is not entirely clear what kind of processing was done, but it is very dirty to collect all the prints and other traces. The glass must be replaced immediately.


Before proceeding with the tests, it is important to check the dry features, which we will build on for the second time.

Screen: 7.75 ft, 280 GB with AMOLED matrix, 6V / 60Hz, Processor: MediaTek Helio G99 6nm, Main camera: 108 MP + 3 MP, AI module 8 + 256 GB, expandable up to 13 GB of memory RAM (daily internal memory) 33W fast charging, 5000 mAh battery. Oddity: Android 12 NFC Dimensions: 164.43 x 76.66 x 7.90 mm.

the exams

In terms of the price segment, many tests showed more than pleasant results. Screenshots and preliminary test results give you a good overview of the results and rating.


throttle cpu


Games do not go well on this mobile device. In the new game Tower of Fantasy, in average graphics and normal resolution, the smartphone produces 60 frames per second while running and doing 60-60 battles.

Genshin Impact can be very smooth at low levels, but the plan can be very effective at highest speeds even with battles. PUBG plays well in extreme graphics. It is worth noting that even with lower frames per second, the different menus in the same games continue to work easily and smoothly without frozen content.

The smartphone has the XArena app, which shows the battery life the player should use and optimize the graphics. This app allows users to eliminate screen flickering when gaming, as well as remove calls, hide notifications, and even improve battery life.

Relatively speaking, optimization is achieved using one of four presets: classic, brightness, soft and realistic. For example, when playing shooting games, you can choose an alternative with a large amount of brightness and black balance, to look more at the enemies.

About the processor

MediaTek processors always excel at performing high-quality work. Helio G99 is the latest 6MW processor that aims to make the world more efficient while using an excellent performance factor. For example, in games, the temperature varies from 50 degrees, although it is the coldest in the table, one of the warmest in this price segment.

user interface

The interface for Operation Intelligence (XOS 10.6 Android 12) is very excellent. The space here is more complicated due to the few buttons under the screen, which are now an addition to the software, like most new models and iPhones. It is convenient enough, but it is possible to do it in the system because people are trying to go back to the origins with three buttons.

The process was non-stop: applications open very quickly, smoothly and quickly. It is possible to use AI preload methods so that they unlock faster. There is also the possibility to add the most unnecessary applications to the special freeze folder, where the launched applications are automatically terminated after reloading, leaving no traces in the background.

Of the most interesting things is the multifunctional Palm Store app store, which often opens instead of a notification, and the quick access menu from the home page, when swiping from top to bottom, which is very annoying. For Android, this function can be reset or removed. Although we could not find this section in the settings.

Sometimes there are errors too, for example, after taking the phone out of the pocket, the screen will not be unlocked with the button. The same situation occurs after a conversation about the link. For that to be the case, the next step is to wait or move your hand in front of the screen and the camera back. Some people also have the problem of deleting shortcuts on the home screen and other errors, but they did not notice more features.

The phone often gets updated so these issues will definitely be fixed next time, but now there are other issues.

Pro . screen

This screen is made of FHD and AMOLED screen, so it is big and bright enough, which makes it beautiful. The distance from the point of view is quite wide, the colors are saturated, and there is also the possibility of turning on the night mode or night mode by tilting the light to the left. The developers announced True Color, which supports 100% accuracy in DCI-P3. The device has a density of 10000:1 and a maximum power of 1000 nits.

The refresh rate is 60 Hz. Yes, for some, these indicators are more than enough, but I want to see a higher Behrs screen in 2022. In other words, this phone is presented as an application for gamers. Many manufacturers have always tried to put 100 and 70 meters above Hz on their devices.

about the camera.

When the camera is high-resolution in pixels, the sharpness and brightness of the face image, and when the noise is still visible, you can get it more. There is a “Beauty” feature that allows you to take care of the face – and even shape the hips, waist and shoulders. The downside is the lack of an extended camera angle.

When it comes to video recording, the phone can shoot Full HD and 2K, but note that there is no digital stabilization. I love the flash that has four bright dios for night photography, so yes!

The front camera is powered by a 2 mega pixel camera module and an AI module so that you can shoot high quality movies. The tests were carried out even at night and the smartphone works fine without being used to make noise. It is possible to lighten the face using the photo module or to enhance the image using artificial intelligence.

The phone is equipped with a built-in camera.

Leader, audio and amplifiers.

The smartphone claims a stereo-based platform for DTS and DTS technologies, with an intelligent audio processing mode. The headphones provide good sound during games, and we note that opponents were in a very good position while testing PUBG and other shooting games. During the same time, the shot is heard in the distance and the surroundings are well tracked.

External speaker noise is proven high quality and accurate details. The volume can be heard, even in noisy urban environments, without problems.

Keys for all: woofers, Type-C and 3.5mm jack.


The smartphone can charge a lot throughout the day, surf the Internet without using Wi-Fi, make calls, use the phone, turn on video mode, and watch movies.

Among us, this situation is slightly different in games. With active gaming without Wi-Fi, the battery lasts a few hours, but without the best setting, but by setting it lower, lowering the frames per second a bit, and adding brightness to your Wi-Fi connection, you can keep the fun alive.

The battery life is almost no longer consumed, and the smartphone charges from zero to 100 as mentioned in about an hour and a half.

Fingerprint scanner and volume buttons.

interesting chips

Among other interesting features, I would like to highlight the ability to change the voice when the connection is in real time through WhatsApp, and a large number of built-in statistics that can be viewed instantly. You have the time to play every game, any program, you have the ease of assigning exercises in the app built in with performance tracking, setting game time and advanced parental controls.


If we think of such a versatile device, then it is not so much. Regardless of the difficulty, there was not much, but in this segment they only interfere with the price / quality ratio. You have a small weight, the ability to play new games with a good graphics system, FPS without burning your hands with an overheating device, a good screen and a great camera with a wide range of settings.

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