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Telegram gives users more ways to hide their phone numbers

What you need to know

  • Telegram has started rolling out its latest update with a focus on user privacy.
  • This update removes the SIM card required for new accounts, allowing them to log in with an anonymous, blockchain-powered number.
  • Topics 2.0 was also introduced, and expanded to groups of 100 or more members.

Telegram’s latest update removes the need for a SIM card for registration while also introducing Topics 2.0.

According to the official Telegram blog MailMany new features will arrive with its latest update. The first — and probably the biggest — feature was designed with the privacy and security of Telegram users in mind. This entails a couple of new additions with this update, and it all starts with Telegram no longer asking users to get a SIM card before signing up for an account.

Privacy first

Telegram doesn’t actually reveal your phone number to strangers, leaving it up to you who sees it and if you can be found by your phone number. Starting this week, users can create an account without a SIM card and log in with an anonymous, blockchain-powered number available through the Fragment platform.

Telegram's latest update removes the need for a SIM card for new accounts.

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To further advance how users can feel safe on Telegram, the platform is introducing auto-delete chats functionality. This was a feature that the company introduced to the app years agoand it’s now evolving further with this latest update, allowing users to set a global timer that automatically deletes messages in every new conversation they’re a part of.

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