TECNO, Counterpoint Research, MTK, and Forbes Magazine compared The Changing Forces in Premium Smartphone Domain

TECNO, Counterpoint Research, MTK and Forbes Magazine compare the changing forces in the field of premium smartphones

Experts from the global smartphone field gathered on November 22 at a webinar hosted by renowned technology research firm Counterpoint to discuss the changing consumer preferences for smartphones and emerging technology trends in the premium smartphone space. The webinar will feature special speakers from TECNO, a global brand in innovative technology; MediaTek, a global fabless semiconductor company and Forbes magazine, a leading global media company.

In recent years, the smartphone industry has shifted towards more premium options, offering technological breakthroughs in a range of components, as this is eagerly matched by consumers’ desire to spend more on smart devices, especially those from emerging economies.

According to industry data, two major factors are driving the premium trend. The first is the evolution in camera technology, which now typically has three or four lenses to compensate for the size limitations of a smartphone. The second factor is the steadily increasing speed of the SoC processor to support the AI ​​algorithms that are mainly required to assist advanced and sophisticated imaging systems.

In the latest analysis of industry trends, Tarun Pathak, Research Director for Smartphones at Counterpoint, shares the dynamics behind how quickly smartphone specifications are advancing towards premium features.

“The usual momentum of technology is pushing things up, that’s why we’re getting better cameras, longer battery life, more storage, faster phones and the like,” said Tarun Pathak, “Consumers in emerging markets like Southeast Asia and Latin America are helping ASP go up more quickly.” than the global average, with large segments of savvy users upgrading to their second or third device.”

Mr. Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India, hits the point of pushing excellence in the smartphone industry with a euphoric treatment of how MediaTek is raising the bar for mobile computing with the launch of its latest and greatest flagship chipsets. This features MediaTek Dimensity 9000 5G, the world’s first TSMC 4nm 5G mobile chip, promising increased performance and power efficiency.

Jimmy Hsu, Deputy Director of TECNO’s Image R&D Center, discussed TECNO’s future plans to drive excellence in photographic technologies, including the two industry firsts in TECNO phones in 2023. Eagle eye lens is the industry’s first advanced core technology, scheduled to debut For the first time in the world of smartphones in 2023. It will be the industry’s first dual-prism telescope camera with the largest tilting ability. Another one is the world’s first wide-angle dual optical image stabilization where the brand has improved its sensor-shift stabilization technology.

Echoing Mr. Anku Jain’s remarks about the powerful computing power of the recent Dimensity 9000 5G chipset, Jimmy also went on to explain its strong performance, specifically its zoom capabilities for night photography. The brilliant Dimensity 9000 5G chipset will be introduced in TECNO’s upcoming flagship PHANTOM X2 series, greatly enhancing the night imaging capability and is expected to be unveiled in Dubai on December 7.

According to Jimmy Hsu,

TECNO is heading regionally to ride this wave of growth, and it was key to that expanding our portfolio to include more premium products and offering some great cameras to our customers.” The culmination of this is the flagship Phantom X2, which tackles one of the holy grails of smartphone photography – snapshots. Great night. “

Russell Flannery, Editor-at-Large at Forbes, shared his valuable insight into how the smartphone has evolved. Over the years, it has witnessed a growing consumer demand for technological advancements in ever-evolving smartphones emphasizing the desire of users to own advanced cameras. Equipped with artificial intelligence, both sharp hardware and powerful software developments demonstrate a seamless combination that consumers want to meet their growing technology needs.

“We have seen an exponential growth in digital penetration and its impact on our daily lives,” said Russell. “Smartphone brands offer premium phones, affordable flagships, mid-range devices with some cutting-edge features, and also an unprecedented push for 5G access, better cameras, foldable screens, slimmer designs, and contemporary ergonomics.”

It is reported that a research paper titled “Brand Story: The Rise of TECNO” will be published soon in late November during the webinar event. The white paper will look at the milestones of the smartphone during the mobile communications revolution from 2G to 5G, and provide insights into smartphone areas for upcoming developments. The fast-growing international innovative brand TECNO as well as the latest competitor brand in the premium segment, its growth strategy, drive towards premium actions across regional and segmented consumer categories are mentioned significantly by Counterpoint analyst white paper.

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