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Technology news you may have missed October 13 – 20

Lenovo innovation in the metaverse, a study of how hybrid work affects women and tips for making the transition to the new iPhone made TechRepublic news this past week.

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Too busy to catch up on this week’s news? Here’s TL; DR on TechRepublic’s top stories from October 13-20.

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Lenovo Tech World 2022: In the next phase of digital transformation

Markham, Ontario, Canada - May 21, 2018: Lenovo sign at Lenovo Canada's main office near Toronto in Markham.  Lenovo is a Chinese technology company headquartered in Beijing, China.
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Lenovo’s tech conference held on October 18, 2022 saw innovations in metaverse, AR and VR solutions and cutting-edge technologies that it says will drive the digital transformation of people and industrial enterprises. Ray Fernandez Covers the technology company’s investments in the metaverse, and in particular how digital twins and advanced devices including robots, cell phones, and augmented reality glasses will build a metaverse where industries can interact with the physical world.

TL; DR: Unlike some of its competitors in the metaverse, Lenovo has built a culture of collaboration with other technology companies like Google, Microsoft, and NVIDIA to accelerate the pace of its product innovation.

We see: Metaverse Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need to Know (Free PDF) (TechRepublic)

Read full coverage of the conference here.

Hybrid work may not work for women

Businesswoman having a headache in the office.
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Only ⅓ of women in technology, media, and telecom industries with mixed work schedules report satisfaction with their work-life balance, says a new study. Deloitte report. Unsurprisingly, 86% of women with children reported taking on the majority of childcare responsibilities, which can be the case. complicated by varied work schedules that require a change similar to the needs of child care.

TL; DR: Esther Shin Reports indicate that remote, hybrid and in-office work plans must take into account the diversity of home life needs and embrace flexibility in working hours and locations if they want to attract and retain top talent who also have children.

Read the analysis here.

Best data quality tools for 2022

Numerous charts and graphs representing the quality of data collection.
Photo: tadamichi/Adobe Stock

Data quality software is a key tool in building and maintaining the data stores that keep business going and drive innovation in an organization. The right data quality tool It will help you monitor and improve the quality of existing data and improve the quality of the data you collect.

TL; DR: Ali Azhar Lists the best data quality tools on the market for 2022, providing context for the products’ key features and effectiveness.

Read the full list here.

First impressions of the Pixel 7 Pro

Close-up view of the battery share function on the Google Pixel 7 Pro
Image: ymgerman/Adobe Stock

Pixel 6 Pro’s Jack Wallen has been upgraded to Ver Pixel 7 Pro, and was impressed with the improvements to the day-to-day features. Reviews the fingerprint scanner, camera, and other upgrades Google has made to its Pro smartphone.

TL; DR: Jack Wallen It is believed that this is the best version of the Pixel so far because Google has fixed some old features and improved the user experience of Android 13.

Read the full review here.

4 tips for getting ready to move to a new iPhone

iPhone 14 purple in its box.
Photo: Thai Nguyen/Unsplash

You’ve saved your pennies, pulled out the couch cushions, rented out the guest room on Airbnb, and are finally ready to buy the iPhone 14. Let’s Eric Eckel It helps you do a little home cleaning of your apps and data before you head to the store to upgrade to your new phone.

TL; DR: From deleting old apps to managing location services, these tips will make switching to a new iPhone faster in the store, and they’ve got plenty of good ways to make your current phone more secure.

Read the full tutorial here.

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