Technology news: HipMap maps for events;  Zenus Attendee-Tracking;  Deondo and Popshap Partnership;  Boostlingo Rebrand

Technology news: HipMap maps for events; Zenus Attendee-Tracking; Deondo and Popshap Partnership; Boostlingo Rebrand

Technology news: HipMap maps for events; Zenus Attendee-Tracking; Deondo and Popshap Partnership; Boostlingo Rebrand

Event technology continues to evolve at the speed of a turn, this time with everything from a smartphone mapping app dedicated to events, a new AI-powered attendance tracking solution, an alliance of event booths and interactive touch screen kiosks, and a rebranded multi-event platform. Languages. Read on to find out more!


HipMaps, the award-winning smartphone mapping app for events, businesses and destinations, has released an informative personalized map for the recent IMEX America 2022 show in Las Vegas, demonstrating the company’s ability to design unique maps for events of any size.

“The HipMaps app was built to make events fun, easy, and less stressful,” said Rachel LeRoy, CEO and founder of HipMaps. to scheduled events or desired locations personally recommended by the host.”

LeRoy added that this was the first HipMap created for IMEX America, the company’s largest event to date, with over 12,000 attendees, and for Las Vegas, and was well received by attendees.

The HipMap included key conference events as well as recommendations from locals for restaurants, bars, shopping experiences, activities, entertainment, and wellness options. Comments and details about each location, as well as GPS-enabled directions for users via Apple Maps or Google Maps, are also included within the HipMaps app.

HipMaps has also designed a custom map for Wedding Merchants Business AcademyThe event is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from November 7 to 9 with nearly 5,000 attendees.

All HipMaps are designed to have a completely different feel to each other to match the branding of the event.

HipMaps is the winner of the Best Industry Innovation Award 2022 by the International Association of Live Events. The company specializes in branded maps for events, conferences, weddings and other special occasions, as well as the hospitality industry, including resorts, wineries and destinations.


Zenos It launched attendance tracking technology at the recent IMEX 2022 in Las Vegas. Designed to be the industry’s most effective attendance-tracking option, this new technology addresses the challenges event professionals face with existing services: they are expensive and difficult to install, accuracy is always an issue, and privacy is often neglected, according to Zenus.

Zenus has spent years perfecting cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with broad applications. Its system analyzes people’s faces to calculate foot traffic, dwell time, positive emotions, demographics, and more. Reports are generated in real time on a polished interface.

Zenus deploys its AI models on specialized IoT devices assembled in Texas.
Captures are processed locally, while addressing the challenges of bandwidth, cost, and privacy.

Because Zenus does not process information associated with an individual, it is outside the purview of US government privacy laws and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Additionally, the Zenus solution may scan badges automatically and from a distance.
The organizer or exhibitor may redeem the flight attendant for those who choose to participate.

Zenus is dedicated to creating the most innovative solutions for business events. Company awards include Eventex Best New Technology and Event Tech Live Best Use of AI.

Deondo and Popshap

Deondo Corporation, the exclusive provider of NOOK Event Pods, and Popshapethe leader in touch screen interactive kiosks, has established a partnership to jointly bring corporate products to the trade fairs and events industry.

The new show pairs Deondo and Popshap’s success in the events industry to increase branding and digital awareness of showrunner sponsorship programs. It also provides attendees with a unique information gathering and audience wellness area on the show floor.

“With hybrid events becoming the norm, it is important to provide healthy areas for tech-rich attendees and exhibitors,” said David Liddell, President and CEO of The Deondo Company. “NOOK Event Pod’s ability to add interactive technology is a key element as the event industry returns to in-person meetings.”

Liddell added, “What we’re missing is a way to provide additional information and testing capabilities. The Popshap touch screen kiosk is an ideal technology that can be added to the touch check-in areas, registration section and networking areas.”

Popshap’s partnership with Deondo is a natural step in the company’s growth, according to Eitan Magid, Popshap’s CEO.

“Adding Popshap technology to the NOOK Event Pod elevates the customer experience and creates an accessible and easy-to-use platform for our customers.”


BoostlingoLtd., the industry leader in interpretation technology, has announced the rebranding of VoiceBoxer, the company’s comprehensive multilingual events platform, to BoostEvents. The rebranding is part of the company’s long-term plan to integrate all aspects of VoiceBoxer, which it acquired in March, into Boostlingo’s suite of products.

Boostlingo offers interpretation technology to meet every interpretation need, including video and telephone interpretation, interpretation (conference, meeting or event), scheduling, interpreters and on-demand interpretation. BoostEvents is the company’s event interpretation platform for hosting hybrid or fully multilingual online events.

The Boostlingo organization chose the name BoostEvents to acknowledge the growing demand for multilingual on-site, hybrid and online events driven by ongoing globalization.

“Boostlingo has always tried to be at the forefront of the interpretation industry,” said Brian Forrester, CEO and co-founder of Boostlingo. “This rebranding is our team’s acknowledgment that the space-defining event will continue to grow, and that we want to be a leader in meeting the needs of multilingual events.”

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