#TBT: Android vs. Apple;  India prepares for 3G auction;  Clearwire looks to expand WiMAX...this week in 2009

#TBT: Android vs. Apple; India prepares for 3G auction; Clearwire looks to expand WiMAX…this week in 2009

Editor’s note: RCR Wireless News is in on “Throwback Thursdaydays,” tapping into our archives to relive the headlines from the past. Fire up the time machine, wear those sepia shades, set a date for #TBT and relive the memories!

Google and Verizon bet on Droid and Android smartphone

Google Inc.’s Android operating system will likely take , which has already been released in its second version, will gain market share than its competitors, but this is unlikely to affect the operating system owned by Apple Inc. , which is running on the famous iPhone. Verizon Wireless and Google have officially announced the release of Droid smartphone from Motorola Inc. Yesterday, the three companies bet heavily on the new machine. Verizon Wireless and Google said in October that they had made a joint effort to harness the power of the Android platform on Verizon Wirelesds’ 3G network, and would put significant marketing and technical power behind the initiative. The early fruits of this effort can already be seen as the Droid smartphone receives praise from plenty of analysts, and a massive marketing campaign is on display as companies prepare to launch the device on November 6. Read more

Disney.com Transfers Content to iTunes

Disney.com has taken to the iTunes App Store with new content and apps designed specifically for the Apple iPhone and iTouch. The company is one of the latest big media brands to design custom apps for iPhone. CNN Launch the iPhone app In late September at $2. The Disney app is designed to appeal to children and their families, and features an array of characters, games, music and video, the company said. The new Disney app will also offer innovative features including ‘Click2Life’ which allows iPhone users to take photos of photos from the online version of Disney.com with their devices that will then appear in the app and turn into a 3D image. In addition, the Disney app will automatically discover other Disney apps and games available through the App Store, and organize all Disney-branded content in one place on each device so that users can easily access their favorite games and entertainment content.” The Disney.com app The new one is free, but it also connects users to other paid and free Disney content on iTunes.Disney.com said it’s the number one entertainment site for mobile. … Read more

DAS gains traction

Distributed antenna systems are gaining momentum as an alternative way for service providers to fill in coverage or add more capacity to a wireless network when large cell sites are not an option, as well as a way for smaller carriers trying to get to market quickly. However, these small antennas usually placed on top of power poles face their own challenges in an unstable regulatory environment. Outdoor DAS networks generally use an array of smaller line-of-sight antennas deployed on existing utility poles, which are at a lower height than conventional cell towers, and are connected through fibers in the pole that connect to the hub of the transceiver base station. The RF signal is converted into an optical signal as it passes through the fiber to the hub, where it is converted back into an RF signal. As a general rule, it takes three to five DAS nodes to equal the coverage you can get from a single cellular macro site. DAS networks are generally more expensive to build than traditional cell towers, because they require more nodes to get the same amount of coverage, said Gerard Einstein, senior vice president of DAS solutions at American Tower Corp. Additionally, although only a few utility poles have DAS nodes, a tower company may have to run fibers across 10 times the number of poles to reach the base station hub. … Read more

Canadian telecom market assessment

Often overlooked when discussing North American telecom markets, Canada is more than a smaller clone of its southern neighbor. Challenging an area larger than the United States, but with one-eighth of the population, Canada’s wireless operators are still able to cover more than 99% of the country’s population with wireless service and have become a powerful sector of the country’s economy. Canada’s wireless industry employs more than 25,000 employees and, according to the Canadian Wireless Communications Association, generated over $15.9 billion in revenue in 2008. Similar to the US market, the Canadian wireless market is dominated by a few operators nationwide and is embodied More with a few regional players. Nationwide players include Rogers Wireless, which operates a GSM-based network that serves more than 8 million customers; Bell Wireless, which uses CDMA and launches later this year HSPA . Technology To serve its 6.6 million customers; and Telus Mobility, which uses CDMA and iDEN and plans to roll out HSPA technology this year to serve 6.3 million customers. Rogers got a big boost in 2004 when he was Acquired Microcell Telecommunications Inc. for $1.1 billion. … Read more

India prepares to start 3G auction

India announced on Saturday that the long-awaited auction of wireless bandwidth for 3G telecom services will start in January and open to foreign companies. The auction will begin on January 14, 2010 with bids submitted by December 21, the Communications Department said… Read more

MetroPCS Launches Flirtomatic App

MetroPCS Wireless Inc. is targeting The youth market is a new flirting app that has been a huge hit in the UK. “At its core, we took dating and reinvented it for the younger generation,” said Gary Cohen, vice president and general manager for North America. This is Flirtomatic’s first partnership in the United States. Flirtomatic is a free service aimed at people between the ages of 18-30 and will be available on the MetroPCS mobile web portal. The service allows people to send text messages to other people who have signed up for the service, as well as send virtual gifts by purchasing FlirtPoints. “The core of the service is free. We charge for what I consider fun around the edges,” Cohen said. Flirtomatic has 1.5 million users and is available in the UK, Germany and Australia. Flirtomatic users log in seven times a day and send about 30 messages a day. The company It’s the second most used mobile website by volume in the UK.Flirtomatic sees those UK paying customers spending around $10 in average monthly revenue per unit, buying virtual gifts or getting alerts when a particular subscriber enters to the gate… Read more

Clearwire plans to expand WiMAX

With LTE networks ready for commercial launch in the coming months, Clearwire Corp. is ramping up launches of commercial mobile WiMAX services. Clearwire said it is set to launch its network in 11 new markets by the end of the year. The network expansion will serve Clearwire’s Clear customers and 4G customers of Sprint Nextel Corp. And in a limited number of markets Comcast Corp high-speed 2Go customers. New markets serving all three companies will include Philadelphia, which is due to launch in the coming weeks, Chicago beginning in November, and Seattle/Tacoma in December. Clearwire and Sprint Nextel will also begin offering service in Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh, NC; Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and San Antonio, Texas in November; Maui and Honolulu, Hawaii in December. Clearwire’s WiMAX network is on schedule to cover more than 30 million potential customers in 25 markets by the end of the year. … Read more

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