Take Better Written Notes on Android Without Ever Typing a Thing

Take Better Written Notes on Android Without Writing Anything on Android :: Gadget Hacks

You don’t need to pay for an app or a subscription to have your voice notes taken on your Android smartphone. There is an easy and free way to do this on almost any Google Pixel, and you can even use it on other Android devices.

Google introduced its Recorder app with the Pixel 4, but has since made it compatible with the Google Pixel 2 and later models. The app is better than any other recorder/burner, but it’s Pixel exclusive. However, you can sideload the app on other Android phones.

With Google Recorder, you get live transcriptions of your recordings – no premium service required. But what really makes this feature powerful is the ability to take copies and share them with other apps, which makes this one a hell of a note-taking app.

Step 1: Get the dialer app

Google Recorder is exclusive to Google Pixel 2 and later models. If so, it might already be installed on your device, but you can easily Install it from Google Play If you can’t find it in your apps list.

If you have a non-Pixel smartphone, you can still get Google Recorder, not from the Play Store. Instead, you can Download the Google Recorder APK package And use an app like APKMirror installer or Split APK installer to me suppository.

Step 2: Record your notes

Find and open the Google Recorder app on your Android phone. You’ll see prompts asking for microphone access and permission to send notifications if this is your first time using it. And there will be an option to switch between Google accounts if you’re signed into more than one account on your device. You can also back up the recordings to your Google account at recorder.google.comwhere you can play audio, view texts, copy/paste text, and share notes.

After granting microphone permissions, click the red button to start recording. The app will start recording and alert you when it detects speech, so you will know if the audio has been captured correctly.

When you’re done, hit the pause button, which turns into a resume button in case you want to keep adding to the file. You may be prompted to add a location, and you can add an address for the recording (which would be the date/time if left blank). Click “Save” to add it to your library.

Step 3: View, copy, or edit the text (optional)

If you need to transcribe a few words from the recording, you can open it from the menu in Google Recorder, then hit the “Text” tab. You will see the entire text, where you can select and copy the text. You can also press the scissor button to cut the audio using the text as a guideline.

Step 4: Copy the text into Google Docs (Optional)

If you don’t want to use Google Docs, go to the next step to share texts with other note-taking apps and word documents. Otherwise, click the vertical ellipsis from within the registry, choose Copy to Google Docs, and then choose Google Account if you’re signed into more than just one. Once copied, you can hit “Open Google Docs” to go directly to your new word document.

Step 5: Share with your favorite note-taking app

From within the recording, press the share button, then choose “File” from the worksheet. Next, select Copy, which is a simple .txt file. Tap Next to choose the app you want to share with.

From the sharing options, choose the app, and your text should be shared with it instantly. For example, I shared it with Leaf Note, but it will also work with Evernote, Keep, OneNote, and any other word processing or note-taking app.

Once you share it, you can edit the text to best suit your review style. Recorder transcribes audio in paragraph form. With this note-taking app, you can convert text into points, in boldAnd the Diagonal, and more. Here, you can take the information you have taken notes and rewrite it in the best way that helps you retain the information.

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