Starlink Connect to fly on board

Starlink Connect to fly on board

SpaceX’s Elon Musk satellite internet service heads into the in-flight sector with the introduction of Starlink Aviation

SpaceX launched its aviation satellite internet service on Tuesday, as Elon Musk’s project seeks to expand in-flight connectivity.

Starlink Airlines It will offer SpaceX’s Starlink service to select private aircraft, by offering in-flight connection speeds of up to 300Mbps for Aero Terminal-equipped aircraft – which will cost $150,000 per aircraft.

Starlink Aviation’s arrival comes after Elon Musk recently complained about the costs of providing Starlink services to Ukraine for free. He later said he would continue to fund Starlink’s operations in Ukraine.

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Starlink Airlines

The arrival of Starlink Aviation signals Musk’s mission to market and expand its satellite Internet service.

It should be remembered that it was only in July 2022 when the FCC approved the use of the Starlink satellite broadband system to transport vehicles (eg planes, trains, and ships).

Starlink Aviation has now officially announced its arrival to the aviation sector on Tuesday.

Besides the Aero Terminal antenna costing $150,000 per plane, private jets will have to pay anywhere from $12,500 to $25,000 per month for the service.

“Starlink can deliver up to 350Mbps per aircraft, allowing all passengers to have access to a broadcast-capable internet at the same time,” the company said. Website FAQ.

“With a latency of up to 20 milliseconds, passengers can engage in activities that were not previously performed during the flight, including video calls, online gaming, virtual private networks, and other high data rate activities,” the company said.

This is a huge leap in connection speeds for the aviation sector.

Most flights today tend to use air-to-ground systems, with a typical top speed of about 10 Mbps per flight.

These systems will only operate while flying above the ground.

Meanwhile, current satellite systems for the aviation sector typically deliver between 30 Mbps and 100 Mbps.

Starlink Aviation will begin delivering stations in mid-2023, with reservations requiring a payment of $5,000.

Onboard competition

Starlink Aviation will find itself competing with some of the new and established players in the sector.

For example, British satellite internet company OneWeb intends to have a consortium of 648 satellites in orbit around the Earth, of which 428 are currently in orbit.

The British company operates satellites for customers including government and television broadcasters from geostationary orbit, other than the lower orbit used by companies like Starlink.

OneWeb on Tuesday announce an agreement With giant Panasonic Avionics on board, which services about 70 airlines, to market and sell OneWeb broadband service to airlines by mid-2023.

Top-tier Panasonic Avionics/OneWeb products will support link speeds close to 200Mbps and link speeds up to 32Mbps everywhere, including polar paths.

Currently UK-based Inmarsat and its US rival Fiasat, which are planning a merger, also dominate the aviation telecommunications sector, as does GoGo Inc.

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