Square is working on 'click to pay' like iPhone for Android merchants

Square is working on ‘click to pay’ like iPhone for Android merchants

Square appears to be preparing to allow merchants with Android devices to accept NFC offline “tap-to-pay” payments without a dedicated card reader.

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This morning, Square is officially Launch a new feature Take advantage of the “click to pay” capabilities of recent iPhones. This allows any merchant registered with Square to accept payments from contactless cards as well as other mobile devices with services like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay.

For now, though, the company has only discussed the feature in the context of iPhones and iPads, using Apple’s Tap to Pay features. Curious after the announcement, our APK Insight team took a closer look at the latest beta version of Square’s Point of Sale app for merchants to see if an Android version could be on the horizon. After all, most Android phones are equipped with NFC capabilities and Android has a much more open API for developers to use NFC.

There are actually quite a few indications that Square may soon open a similar “Tap to Pay” feature for merchants on Android.

Set up Tap to Pay on Android

Get secure payments with your phone by tapping any credit card with tap-to-pay capabilities on the back of your phone. {learn more}

Before we dig deeper, one thing to note is that Square already provides access to contactless payments on Android and iOS using it $49 Slide Reader Accessory. The text in the app explains that this iteration of Tap to Pay is separate, as there are cues to enable your phone’s NFC from the Settings app, while the slide reader connects via Bluetooth.

Please enable NFC in your phone settings to access this feature.

You can easily setup by turning on NFC in your device settings.

In fact, Tap to Pay can work in tandem with Square’s dedicated card readers. This is critical, as Square notes that card networks will place limits on the number of contactless payments that can be accepted. In this case, it may be easier to switch to a standard reader.

Use your phone to make payments using Tap to Pay

Accept contactless payments using your phone only when Tap to Pay is enabled at Square Point of Sale.

You can still use any other square devices connected beside it.

Card networks often place restrictions on contactless payments to protect customers from fraud. To continue, tap on Mobile Wallet, or go back and select another payment method.

It is not yet clear which specific Android devices will be able to use Square’s Tap to Pay capabilities. Given the wide variety of manufacturers and devices available today, it seems possible that Square will initially only open to a specific subset, although there’s no clear sign of that in the code today.

We reached out to Square to comment on our findings, but the company wasn’t immediately available to respond.

Overall, it’s great to see that Square wants to open up its convenient, device-free payment method for small businesses and people with a side hustle, without limiting it to those with an iPhone.

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