[Updated] New Spotify Home page UI on Android & iOS faces backlash from users

Spotify’s new homepage UI on Android and iOS is facing backlash

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Spotify recently changed its Home design On Android and iOS app that allows users to expand on their recommendations.

The new home screen of the Spotify mobile app now has two sections, “Music” and “Podcasts & Shows”. The update also adds new buttons for quickly sharing, liking and playing music.

But it seems that a large segment of users has not been completely impressed with the new features and design changes that have been made to the home page.

New user interface for the Spotify home page

Many Android users (1And the2And the3And the4And the5And the6And the7And the8And the9And the10Very frustrated with the recent changes to the Spotify app homepage.


SpotifyCares put the home page back the way it was, I can’t find new music anymore This is terrible

Hey @SpotifyCares @Spotify where the hell is my daily mixes and just got back. What you have stuck on the homepage is completely useless.

Spotify’s new home layout has some of the worst user interface I’ve ever seen. You should change that back ASAP

It appears that the new homepage no longer includes sections such as daily mixes, recently played, what’s trending now, and popular artists. There are only large icons displaying random playlists that take up most of the space.

The new home UI also requires users to manually switch to “Shuffle” after each playlist.

Some Spotify users are forced to downgrade because they feel restricted by the giant album cover while browsing music.

Spotify new homepage

There are also many reports about Spotify Community Forum Which shows users’ frustration with the new homepage design.

The new user interface is awesome. It is difficult to navigate and has a lot of wasted spaces. I trust you didn’t spend much time on it because it looks like a junior developer did it in 10 minutes. Re-ex.

Unfortunately, the updated user interface is very poor. The home page is completely useless. As an Android user, I think the best choice is to open our library directly; So, if we choose not to look at this horrible home page, this will be our choice. Very disappointed in Spotify.

Spotify’s response

Unfortunately, Spotify has not properly acknowledged the issue yet and has only asked unsatisfied users to reinstall the app or restart their devices.

Spotify cares

There is also no workaround that can help fix this issue for Spotify users temporarily.

We hope Android and iOS users who are having issues with Spotify’s new home UI can get some relief soon.

We will monitor further developments and update this article when something noteworthy emerges.

Update 1 (November 16, 2022)

05:11 PM (Indian time): Although many users did not agree with many of the new Spotify home UI changes, the new update has expanded them to the majority, so it seems final (1And the 2And the 3And the 4).

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