AirDrop does not work as intended on some iPhone 14 models, according to several reports about The Mac rumors Forums And from Mac rumors readers on this issue. When trying to send a file from ‌iPhone 14‌ to a contact’s iPhone, affected users will not be able to complete the transfer.

The file sent to a contact shows an indefinite “waiting” message, with the person on the other end not receiving a message to accept the AirDrop transfer. From Mac rumors Forum member Bexx:

yes! Having the exact same problem. I tried sending a picture to my husband earlier and it said it was connected but his iPhone X did nothing. But if I enable ‘everyone’ so that it appears as just anyone, it will allow me not to submit any issue. However, I can use Airdrop on my own devices. Just not communication.

The problem appears to be on the ‌iPhone 14 models’ rather than iOS 16, but it’s possible that some people who are running ‌iOS 16 as well. For now, we’ve only heard reports from iPhone 14 owners.

As mentioned in the forums, there is a partial solution that can be used. To send a file to a contact, the AirDrop settings must be changed to “Everyone” instead of “Contacts”. AirDrop settings can be accessed by opening Control Center and long pressing on the top left. Click on “AirDrop” and then choose the “Everyone” option.

Unfortunately, this workaround is not compatible with password sharing, because sending a password to someone else requires both participants to save each other’s contact information in ‌iPhone‌. From Mac rumors Reader Patrick:

I contacted Apple today through support as Airdrop is not working between the two new 14 PM. They made me reset carrier settings to change to everyone instead of contacts and finally made it work. The strange thing is that the normal emoji of the person being dropped from the air does not work, I have to be on “everyone” and then I can see my wife’s phone under the word “other”. I tried to share a password through Apple Passwords and got a message that the person is not in my contacts. I’m assuming iCloud contacts don’t match maybe?

Apple is aware of the problem, according to several readers who have contacted Apple Support, so a fix is ​​likely in the near future.

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