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Snap Scheme filter for iPhone 14 – now on Kickstarter

Snap Filter is an innovative filter system for the iPhone that uses Apple’s MagSafe technology to hold itself in place. This set of filters provides iPhone photographers with creative options for fast, easy and fun cinematography. It is now Live on Kickstarter With a new update for the iPhone 14. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about!

Created by YouTuber Mediastorm and their company Pan’s Scheme, Pan’s Snap Filter is a simple and elegant concept. The system consists of two components; A filter tray that snaps magnetically to the back of the iPhone, and filter kits that lock into place.

The filter system is designed to cover the entire rear camera assembly as well, so there’s nothing to reposition and no adjustments to make when choosing iPhone lenses.

Image Credit: Pan Chart

snap filter sets

Pan’s Scheme currently offers 5 types of filters for the Snap Filter system: ND Filter Bundle, Blue Streak, Gold Streak, Cross-star and Black Mist.

Image Credit: Pan Chart

Since all current iPhone models lack internal NDs, some kind of neutral density filter is required to control the shutter speed in bright light conditions. Line filters add an “anamorphic” appearance to light sources. Black Mist filters smooth digital sharpness for a more cinematic look.

Image Credit: Pan Chart

ND filter group

  • Reduce the amount of light entering the lens for slow shutter speed photographs or motion blur for video shooting.
  • Includes four filters -2 / -4 / -6 / -8 stops that adjust to different exposures.
  • Cinematic Quality – Ultra-accurate color coating to prevent discoloration.

black fog filter

  • Smoothes the image and reduces wrinkles
  • Stylish glowing highlighting torches
  • Do less contrast, but build a more subtle effect on less light than shadows.

blue line filter

  • distorted lens pattern
    • Adds glowing blue line glows to the highlights of the image that resemble shots of light using an anamorphic lens.
  • science fiction style
    • Sci-tech Stvle Blue Line Glow Effects
  • Includes two Streak filters that adapt to horizontal and vertical photography.

gold line filter

  • distorted lens pattern
    • Adds glowing golden stripe glows to the highlights of the image that are similar to flare shots using an anamorphic lens.
  • Warm California style
    • A Gold Streak Flare effect for a warm California style.
  • Include two Streak filters that adapt to both landscape and portrait shooting.

star filter set

  • Shine night scenes
    • Turns circular light sources into stunning star effects that add interest and charm to photos.

Surprise Filter Pledge Rewards

Image Credit: Pan Chart

Snap Filter is already a successful Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded in just a couple of hours. Some of the early bird packs have already been devoured, but most are still available.

ND Snap Filter Pack
pledge $99
includes – KS Special Edition Filter Base
– Snap Filter Smart Case
– ND filter assembly (2, 4, 6, 8 stops)
Snap Effects Filter Pack
pledge $129 ($109 for Early Bird)
includes – KS Special Edition Filter Base
– Snap Filter Smart Case
– Black fog filter
– Blue line filter set (horizontal and vertical)
– Gold bar filter set (horizontal and vertical)
– Crossstar filter
All Snap Filter Pack
pledge $159
includes – KS Special Edition Filter Base
– Smart Snap Filter Case – Black Haze Filter
– Blue line filter set (horizontal and vertical)
– Gold bar filter set (horizontal and vertical)
– Crossstar filter
– ND filter assembly (2, 4, 6, 8 stops)

The rewards are expected to be delivered in December of 2022, however, as this is an active Kickstarter campaign, there is no guarantee.


Portable camera filters are nothing new. The market has been flooded with a large number of different systems for a very long time. What makes the latest generation of systems we see unique is their ability to cover the entire lens range of a smartphone.

Image Credit: NiSi IP-A

The main competitor to the Pan’s Snap Filter system comes from NiSi, a popular filter brand, with its PA filter series. However, the NiSi PA Filter Series uses a proven design that blocks a small portion of the front screen. Snap Filter container is held in place magnetically.

The NiSi IP-A Filter Series offers all the same filters available as the Snap Filter and more.

Image Credit: NiSi IP-A

It uses both a round, stackable, bolt and square filter assembly that allows shooters to use graduated NDs. Affinity filters are not stackable.

Image Credit: Pan Chart

Mobile photography and videography are set to explode in the next several years as the ease of use and quality of the images we see improve exponentially. It’s great to see so many affordable solutions to create professional-level results.

For more information about Pan’s Scheme Snap Filter, visit their page at Kickstarter.

We say this at the end of every crowdfunding related article: Please be aware of the risks that may arise from supporting a project on a crowdfunding platform. Please read the terms of use of the platform and remember that there may be significant delays when the product is delivered. Some projects are not even delivered at all.

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Do you regularly shoot projects on your mobile phone? What do you think of Pan’s Scheme Snap Filter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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