Smartphone Camera Tips for K-pop Parties

Smartphone Camera Tips for K-pop Parties

When I started watching K-pop concerts, it was 2010 and people weren’t obsessed with recording everything yet. I remember a few years later, fans would bring their Instax cameras to concerts and idols would urge them to take pictures. Note that this is the time when barriers were not in place during these concerts, and idols and fans could freely interact with each other.

I remember when the young boy group EXO lK came here for the Kpop Republic with other artists like SHINee and Dal Shabet, my phone was a Sony Ericsson clam shell and my photos were so likable.

Recording videos later became more popular because videos could capture the artists’ movements. Smartphones have made it easy for fans to get souvenirs from their favorite concerts.

I’m not an expert when it comes to taking pictures and recording videos during concerts (also, I’m an iPhone user) but here are some tips that might help:

  • Always adjust the lighting by lowering its intensity. When you’re watching a concert and taking photos and videos, it’s usually dimmable, so you need to adjust the brightness. You can edit the photos later but that will take longer.
  • Don’t zoom in too much as you may end up with pixelated videos and photos. Look for quality rather than quantity. So what can you do instead? You can approach by leaning forward or if there is a particular song you want to record, you can go somewhere else to do it.
  • When taking videos with your iPhone, set the settings to 4K at 60 frame rate for clearer photos. You can find this by setting the Camera app to Videos and tapping on the top right hand. First, click on the left side with 4K resolution and then click on the right side up to 60. This setting will result in videos that take up a lot of memory but are worth it. Shooting in 4K means your iPhone is actually shooting at the highest quality possible. I haven’t used an Android phone in years although I borrow my daughter’s Samsung Z Flip 3 during concerts from time to time. In my humble opinion, the Z Flip 3 is great for taking still photos while the iPhone is better for videos. I say this at the concert venue where the lighting is different from that of the normal setting.
  • This tip is not for improving photo and video quality but for performers: turn off your smartphone’s camera flash, which may be distracting to artists and cause accidents.
  • Shooting in burst mode for still images will help you collect and select later. This works instead of trying to find the perfect shot and wasting time in the process.
  • Most smartphones do autofocus but there are times when you need to do it manually. For example, if you are taking a photo of a group of nine people and you want everyone to be in the frame, you may need to make some manual adjustments.
  • Use a wrist strap or a pop-up jack so your phone doesn’t slip out of your hands when you sweat.
  • Clean the lens with a microfiber cloth before the concert begins. You can find these clothes in optical stores. Yes, they are the ones who use to wipe glasses.
  • Take advantage of any available light to create artistic images. For example, when scraps of paper are thrown on stage, you can take an interesting photo and poor lighting will actually make the photo look better.
  • Buy additional space on Google Drive so you can store your photos and videos there to free up memory on your phone.

Speaking of K-pop-related events, beauty brand BYS Philippines has announced that world-famous K-pop boy group Enhypen is its latest supporter.

“We have to be in the moment, with one foot in the future, to constantly surprise and delight our customers with cross product lines, collaborations and endorsements. And we have to top ourselves especially on our 10th anniversary,” said Angie Guyina, President of iFace Inc.

The group consisting of Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-Ki will appear on store shelves and social media platforms of BYS Philippines. There will also be an Enhypen Fun Meet on December 3, 2022, at the Araneta Coliseum.

Image credits: BYS Philippines

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