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It’s been a very busy week for all of us here at MUO as we prepare for Black Friday. Not only do we prepare some great deals, reviews, and specials, but we also do our best to identify ongoing deals that you can take advantage of.

There are plenty of early Black Friday deals available already, and while we doubt some of them will be back on the day of the actual big sale, the deals may not be as good as they are right now.

This week we were able to find some great Logitech gear, some cheap robots to clean your house, and loads more. Let’s dive in!


Logitech stream cam
image rights: Logitech

We saw some great Logitech deals on Amazon this week. as part of Early Black Friday group, we found that Logitech stream cam Available for $40 less than usual. This is a very cool webcam that will not only help you make great Zoom calls, but also shoot videos for your YouTube channel, TikToks or broadcast yourself while playing.

The camera records in 1080p Full HD at 60 frames per second, has auto focus, and can keep focus on you even if you move. Check out our article on Logitech deals For more great products and promotion.

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Roomba Combo J7 Clean Base
image rights: iRobot

Who wouldn’t want some peace of mind knowing the floors are clean while you can relax a bit after a long day? The Roomba j7 Currently available for $349, down from its regular $599, and it’s a huge discount! The j7 Roomba robovac is one of the best tools on the market right now. It does a quick and smart mapping of your home and then starts cleaning everything up.

Thanks to smart technology, it can detect and identify any potential pet waste that gets in your way, so there’s no horror story to tell once you get home. It’s great on carpets and hard floors, and can be programmed to start at any time that suits you. There are quite a few Roomba robots It’s on sale now, so make sure you get the discount that fits your budget and needs.

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Zenbook Pro 14 Duo
image rights: ASUS

ASUS runs a great campaign, bringing down the prices of laptops and desktops. The ZenBook Duo It’s a great device that’s usually available for $1,299, but it’s currently only $1,099! This amazing device comes with two screens: one regular and one above the keyboard area. You can tilt this screen for better viewing, expand the top screen, or split the image.

There are also other great deals from ASUS, including deals ROG Strix G10 A gaming desktop that’s $600 less than its usual $1,449.99, which makes it a great deal if you’re looking for a PC.

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Rise Gardens“>

personal garden entrance
image rights: Rise Gardens

Not everyone has a large garden to grow different types of vegetables and herbs, but these clever gardens will erase that concern. dubbed personal gardenThis is something you can put in your kitchen to grow the herbs you need while cooking. It will tell you when the garden needs water, tell you when you need more nutrients, etc. It’s even self water so you don’t have to worry about this thing for a while. You can run everything through the app. You can also get a file Double Family Garden or a Triple Family Garden If you want to grow more things.

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Garmin Vivoactive 4s
image rights: Garmin

Garmin is also running some great deals this week and even November 24, so you can get a new and cool smartwatch for yourself. For many of these items, the discount is $100, but Vivoactive 4S The model, for example, is $179.99, down from $349.99, which means it’s almost half off. The smartwatch looks elegant and easy to read, it has a stainless steel bezel and silicone strap and two different case sizes (40 and 45 mm).

This Garmin watch, like any other, will monitor your pulse, stress levels, water intake, sleep and breathing. Of course, it will also be there to track your activity levels, show some exercises to follow, and more.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 2
image rights: Samsung

We found a really great deal for the Samsung S22 Ultra smartphone. You can’t just get this phone for so little $599.99, if you use the Enhanced Exchange option. The amount you will get back for your device depends on whether it is in good condition or if there is a cracked screen and how fresh the phone looks. If you check out the list, you’ll see exactly how much your old phone is worth this transaction. You’ll get the Samsung S21 Ultra for $600, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will cut the price by $515 if the screen is intact.

The enhanced exchange is available until November 13, while between November 14-17, you’ll get an instant $150 Samsung credit. You can check More Samsung Deals.

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Amazon is lowering the price on its own ring doorbell before Black Friday. As an early-stage deal, you’ll save $40 on the purchase of one of these great video doorbells. Ring Doorbell records video in 1080p HD and can detect movement outside your door, sending a notification to your phone. They are very easy to set up and they have proven to be very useful as a security measure.

Of course, you can use the app to talk to the person at your front door, ask them to leave a package in a specific area, give them the instructions they need, or just let them know they are being registered as a way to keep them away from your door. Ring’s doorbell works with Alexa, so you can even display photos on your Echo devices, for example, which is pretty cool.

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These are the best deals we found this week, but be sure to check in and discover more great deals next week!

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