Samsung, iPhone and Pixel: Many of Anwar Ibrahim's phones

Samsung, iPhone and Pixel: Many of Anwar Ibrahim’s phones

After two tumultuous days since malaysia went to PollsWe finally have a new Prime Minister when the leader of Pakatan Harapan, Anwar Ibrahim, was sworn in earlier today. Afterwards, he was to hold a press conference where he would go on to announce several things, such as that Monday (28 November) was a public holiday and that Parliament’s first act would be to hold a vote of confidence.

However, this was not the easiest of the press conferences as it would have been delayed a bit, first before the press conference itself when Indonesian President Joko Widodo called him to congratulate him on his appointment as Prime Minister. Later, just as he sat down for the press conference, he was going to be late again when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called him this time also to congratulate him on his new job.

Being tech enthusiasts, we couldn’t help but notice the smartphones Anwar was using to make these calls. First, during his conversation with Chief Widodo, he is seen using what appears to be a file Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung’s flagship smartphone three years ago. Despite its age, it’s still quite a solid device for everyday driving of course, especially considering Samsung still updated it to Android 12 earlier this year.

As for the second call he had with President Erdogan, this one was a bit more of a surprise especially when you realize that it is a smartphone that is not officially available in Malaysia. It seems that Anwar was receiving the call with A Google Pixel 5a, judging by the square camera module with two cameras; The Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a have an additional spectral flicker sensor at the bottom of the square island while the Pixel 5a does not. The Pixel 5a was launched just last year in August, two months before Google launched the Pixel 6 series which is powered by its own Google Tensor processors. This makes the Pixel 5a the last Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered device from Google to date.

With all that said, it turns out that Anwar may not be fully on Team Android. A quick check on Twitter shows that all of his tweets have been posted with a Iphone, although, of course, this could be down to the person in charge of their social media as an iPhone user. However, a recent viral tweet depicting Anwar also contains a picture of him reading what appears to be an iPhone, though this tweet is somewhat inconclusive since we only see half of the device.

If it was an iPhone, this wouldn’t be the first time Anwar has been seen using an Apple device – we’ve probably all seen the famous photo of him sitting in front of a MacBook online by now. Anwar has also been spotted with an Apple Watch before very. Nor would he be the only politician using Apple devices, either; The likes of Khairy Jamaleddine and Tengko Zafroul have been known to delve deeper into the Apple ecosystem with iPhones, iPads, and even the new Apple Watch Ultra.

However, whatever smartphone our new Prime Minister uses, it’s probably nice to know we finally have one after what’s been a hectic week in Malaysia.

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