Samsung has a new message for iPhone users: What's your problem?

Samsung has a new message for iPhone users: What’s your problem?

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We all have at least one of these friends.

More technically incorrect

They are loved. It’s interesting. They are definitely not stupid.

Somehow, though, they keep making decisions that lead to disaster.

Even worse, you can see those disasters coming. You are trying to warn them. I’m tired of warning them. But they don’t listen and slide headlong into a solid brick wall.

This is how Samsung feels about iPhone users. Well, Apple buyers in general.

How do I know that? Because Samsung just made an announcement He expresses such thoughts fully and positively exclaims: “What’s wrong with you, Apple fan?”

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Perhaps that should have been “negative screams”.

Here, you see, we have a guy who climbed into the Apple Garden wall. You are used to that garden. It’s the dungeon screen, where Apple tells you all you need is Apple, more Apple, and anything new that Apple comes with next.

Many people do not even think about what is on the other side of the wall. They’ve heard of Android, but those Android folks, well, even their texts are green instead of blue.

Why do you want to do it yourself?

Despite this, this intrepid Apple customer is curious enough to look into Samsung’s garden — which, of course, goes on forever to infinity.

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“Hey, what are you doing there?” asks an Apple employee. “You can’t sit on the fence.”

Apple has rules, you understand. Lots of rules.

“But on the Samsung side, they have foldable phones and epic cameras,” says one supposed fugitive.

Apple employee worried. “You don’t want to leave,” he said. “We’re all waiting for it to come here.”

Oddly enough, I’ve heard that Apple has pretty good cameras these days, but what do I know? I still have iPhone 12.

But why, wonders the fugitive, is he waiting?

“Because that’s what we do,” explains the Apple employee. “we wait.”

It’s controversial, that is. Yes, Apple often waits, and then tries to improve someone else’s version for quite a few things.

Then again, the company sometimes advances so quickly, that their product names become generic. Tablets are iPads. Watches are Apple Watches. AirPods are, oh, still pretty ugly.

But Samsung wants you to ride that wall and jump into its foldable phones. The company insists that it specifically puts them on top and different.

Then again, when you declare a file Z Flip 4One of the main reasons to use it, she says, is to take selfies more easily.

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However, those Apple people aren’t going to change, right?

It’s sad for Samsung. Apple people keep buying the next thing from Apple, signing up for Apple Care, going to an Apple Store when they run into trouble and generally believing that Apple offers them a relatively easy — and sometimes aesthetic — way to get around on their land. needs.

Yes, the Android world has its pluses. But if you start thinking about Samsung phones, you should also consider the Pixel phone from Google. This makes things very complicated.

Beautiful Apple. Apples are very calming. Apple lets you plug and play. And hey, the company acts as if it believes in privacy.

People think there is a lot of privacy in that walled garden – right or wrong.

Privacy is a new thing, isn’t it?

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